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Starting First Whole30 on March 9th


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Getting ready for tomorrow. I have never logged my food into a Food Log, Diary or anything so I hope that step alone will help me stay on track. 

I'm excited about eating and living healthy for longer then a few days at a time! :)

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My day one finished:

Breakfast - mackerel, mushrooms,

Lunchtime - salad: lettuce, tomato, whole avocado with olive oil

Dinner - 2 small beef and grated veg burgers, green beans, lettuce PLUS banana with shredded coconut


water and black coffee to drink.


I generally don't miss grains as I started non-sugar and low-grain eating last summer, just not very consistent - I would eat grains, even wheat, and even sometimes sugar at weekends... This experience that I had taught me that I CAN live without sugar, pasta or bread - which seemed impossible to me before. I also don't struggle with coming up with ideas for lunches etc.


The only thing VERY new this time (apart from sticking to all the rules religiously) is no dairy. I still ate lots of dairy and lots and lots of Greek yoghurt... 

But I know, that - as I did with wheat and grains - I can change my habits if I really commit to it.


Breakfast is probably the most difficult. I usually would look forward to having my yoghurt with almonds and fruit in the morning - or with oats sometimes. Now I'm NOT looking forward to breakfast... :( But I'll get there

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Day Two done:

Breakfast - mackerel with green beans and mushrooms. A kiwi fruit. 

Lunch - salad: lettuce, tomatoes, a can of tuna, a few olives and olive oil

Dinner - 2 small veg+beef burgers, sauted spinach and onion, fresh cucumber and tomato pieces. 5 Brazil nuts


When I'm cooking dinner after work, I use the time to cook and prep and pack my breakfast and lunch - and I usually have something for dinner as well. 

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Hey! I'm planning on starting April 1st. I'm the same way, haven't had too much trouble cutting out grains in the past, but dairy will be tough for me. I am a sweet for breakfast person (oatmeal, yogurt, etc.) 

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Thank you both for comments here - it really makes a difference when it's all out public :)

Good luck to both of you...


Day 3:

Breakfast - slice of frittata with onion, spinach and zucchini/courgette. I made it yesterday and this should last me for next 3 mornings. In one portion I had about 2 eggs. I also had a very small portion of few green beans and mushrooms left from yesterday.

Lunch - salad: spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado, olive oil

Dinner - 2 and a half small beef and veg burgers (again!), and mashed green veg (my little daughter loves this "green sauce" with her pasta ad she is eating tons of veg she wouldn't otherwise): broccoli, half an avocado and spinach blended with a drop of olive oil

1 grapefruit and 5 Brasil nuts.


I had my lunch earlier than normally because of different schedule at work and that made me really hungry by evening time (I drank lots of black coffee which is both comforting and kind of fills me up) - therefore a big dinner and I hope I wont't get too hungry by bedtime.


It's so obvious I like my habits - it's hard for me to just eat dinner and that's it - I would usually have yogurt afterwards. Even today - I ate grapefruit and nuts even though I wasn't hungry any more. But there are probably about 5 hours or so left until I go to sleep.

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The grapefruit sounds so good. I think I'll have to pick some up at the supermarket! I am in the same boat as you. I had already given up grains and most sugar before the whole 30. The no butter and cheese is hard for me but I feel like it packs on extra calories that I should t eat anyway.

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Yes, I definitely ate far too much dairy just because of the taste and comfort... Dairy has lactose which tastes sweet for me... so lots of Greek yogurt even when I wasn't hungry at all. 

I'll probably be dreaming about it as the "timeline" suggests :) I hope after this month, I will still have yogurt, just not so often and by then I will loose the weight I want to loose.



Day 4:

Meal 1 - courgette, onion fritatta. Banana slices with a few raspberries.

Meal 2 - broccoli, tomatoes, diced turkey breast meat, olive oil. 

Meal 3 - smoked salmon and a big portion of roasted veg: aubergine/eggplant, celery, red pepper.  AND: 1 apple with 5 Brazil nuts


food tastes great, I don't feel deprived, just so new that I don't have any snacks. 

I feel tired and sleepy a lot, great to know it's normal. But I sleep with no problems even with all the black coffee I drink during the day.

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Day 5 


Meal 1 - courgette and spinach frittata with a bit of smoked salmon, tomatoes, kiwi with a few raspberries

Meal 2 - canned tuna with a teaspoon of mayo, fres spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes

Meal 3 - turkey, a few slices of chorizo sausage (I checked ingredients) and roasted veg: onion, aubergine, red pepper, sweet potato

I was full but it's Friday and I'm probably going to stay up another 6 hours before bed so rather than snacking before bed, I had a "dessert" after my dinner: I topped up with a small banana with almonds and Brazil Nuts. Real Friday night treat after tiring week at work (so clear that my eating habits are more than nutrition... :rolleyes: )

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Day 6


Normally at the weekends I "slip" and might be very flexible with healthy eating or paleo eating - one weekend it could be just bread, another full dessert... Or just simply snacking more...

So it's great to be taking this way of eating over the weekend and next week will probably be easy :)

I ate lots, enjoyed the taste of everything - probably ate too much for dinner (I still feel so full from it...) and two many nuts and much more portions of fruit than in the last few days but I'm not going to start feeling guilty. It's the weekend :)and I want to feel positive about all this :) I still ate whole foods and I'm sticking to 3 meals and not feeling hungry in between.


Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs with onion, spinach and a bit of sweet potato. Kiwi with a few raspberries

Meal 2 - salad with a boiled egg and sardines: lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber. Apple and a few almonds

Meal 3 - "starter": a few sliced of carrots and cucumber when preparing food for tomorrow, grilled haddock fish fillet (big), cocoa-toasted cauliflower (cauliflower is so filling...), . All this followed by a small banana and a handful of Brazil nuts and a few raisins (I know, too much sugar).


Generally I feel like all this is a bliss, great tasting food, love it and just need to work on tuning into "fullness" signs from my body. But I really feel so good about sticking to 3 meals. It's probably hard to overeat like this. 

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Day 7 


Wow, I did a full week!!! 


After my very big last meal yesterday, I didn't feel hungry for a long time, not at bedtime, not even when I woke up - and I had a smaller breakfast


Meal 1 - one boiled egg, some cucumber, fruit salad: apple, banana and coconut flakes, black coffee

Meal 2 - salad with sardines and one boiled egg: spinach, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, Chia seeds, lettuce, olive oil. Grapefruit

Meal 3 - spicy tomato soup (blended canned tomatoes) with chunky veg: red pepper, onion and with Chorizo sausage slices. Loved it. And a handful of nuts: cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts mixed


I felt tired last week, but much better last two days... not hungry between meals, loving the taste, still missing yogurt though...


I have a lot of roasted, chopped veg in the fridge, lunch in a box for tomorrow, new frittata for next three mornings... so it's just to follow through everything.


Jeans more loose... but trying not to think about it too much :)

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Day 8

Not too hungry between meals at all. All good. Doesnt feel like diet, just feels normal. On a normal regular day, on a Monday, eating like this is not a challenge, more a treat. If I'm thinking about something sweet, I think about the roasted veg that were waitng for me in the fridge. And they were sweat and delicious.

Meal 1 - frittata with spinach, red pepper, onion, mushrooms, kiwi, 3-4 almonds

Meal 2 - canned tuna with salad (lettuce, soinach, olives , cherry tomatoes) with olive oil

Meal 3 - 2 mackrel fillets with lots of rosted veg - red pepper, carrots slices, courgette. (a good bit of olive oil in the veg too). Grapefruit and a small banana with a teaspoon of coconut flakes

Big dinner and i'm very full again. I don't think I'll feel hunger for a long time

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Day 9


The more days I have done, the easier it seems to continue (it would be a pity to stop now!) 


Since last summer I tried to follow low sugar diet and I stopped eating more fruits (it would be one per day or none). Now I'm eating a lot... Not sure if this is OK... but I don't feast on it at one meal... I need to check in the book, I didn't read this part yet.


 Meal 1 - frittata with spinach, mushrooms, red peppers. berry fruit with a small banana and coconut flakes

Meal 2 - canned fish salad (lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olive oil). Apple with a few almonds

Meal 3 - homemade meat balls (beef, onion, egg, grated carrots), with tomato sauce (passata), and lots of cooked broccoli. small handful of Brazil nuts with a few raisins.


I drink black coffee, water and sometimes fruit or green tea

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Day 10!


Meal 1 - frittata (2 eggs) with veg, broccoli, small banana

Meal 2 - (on the go today) carrot, cucumber, red pepper sticks, handful of almonds, apple

Meal 3 - veg+beef meatballs, broccoli, cauliflower, some tomato sauce (just blended canned tomatoes with nothing added). Mix of banana, raisins, almonds, cashews, coconut flakes

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Day 11.


This second week seems to be going much faster - a day after a day of eating like this...

I don't find it hard overall. I like getting hungry (but kind of moderately, comfortably hungry) and then enjoying the food more because I'm properly hungry...). 

I enjoy the food. It's only hard in the evenings when I eat dinner around 6 pm to stop eating or rather to think that I can't grab a late night snack (even a fruit or some nuts) later on. But when I get busy in the evening, I forget food again. 


The strict rule helps as there is just no thinking: "should I... could ... can I... just have an apple or something." Because there is no option like this at all, I notice that I stop thinking about  food and this makes a few hours till bedtime (normally 11 pm, or a bit later) with no food just no problem! This is just great!

The "no" seems to be deprivation, but it actually removes the effort.


Basically, eating healthy food is not new to me, but sticking to three meals a day works great and I become more motivated to eat the right foods (protein, fat instead of bread) to help me last till the next meal.


Meal 1 - two boiled eggs, spinach, sweet potato, kiwi

Meal 2 - canned tuna salad: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spinach, Chia seeds, olive oil

Meal 3 - mince turkey in tomato sauce with cellery, garlic and carrots. Grapefruit with coconut flakes, cashew nuts

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Day 12

- it was yesterday and I might not really remember exactly what veg/fruit I ate, so just briefly: 


Meal 1 - 2 boiled eggs, spinach, some sweet potato; raspberries, kiwi, coconut flakes

Meal 2 - turkey with carrots and broccoli, coconut oil mixed with cocoa for a microwave "choc fix"

Meal 3 - prawn + coconut curry with red pepper, other veg. A big handful of nuts, some raisins and coconut, small banana


Day 13

Meal 1 - half an avocado with tomatoes, kiwi, raspberries, coconut milk  

Meal 2 - salad (spinach, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, mayo) with two boiled eggs and some turkey. apple and almonds

Snacks: raisins, almonds, cashew nuts

Meal 3 - 2 small home made beef and veg burgers, sweet potato and salad (lettuce, cherry tomato, olives). 


Between meal lunch and dinner and straight after dinner, I really wanted a snack... kind of hungry, kind of just bored with this diet, missing yogurt today, not a good day, first time I didn't follow the rule of three meal and I of not eating unless you are hungry - it was just kind of eating out of boredom or something. Weekend feeling, less structured, less prepared...

I ate "approved" foods: almonds, cashews, raisins but they are only OK in smaller quantities, I just kept snacking on them. Just not a good day, the worst so far... won't help any weight loss but it' done, I'm still full (and I haven't eaten since dinner a few hours ago) and really ready to get back in control. 

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Day 14


Back on track and staying away from any nuts or almonds


Meal 1 - boiled egg, half an avocado, spinach; raspberries with coconut milk and flakes (small enough quantities of everything, still not too hungry after overeating yesterday with snacks)

Meal 2 - sauted spinach with mushrooms, sardines. Coconut flakes with banana

Meal 3 -  beef/carrot ragu (in tomato sauce) with grilled veg: courgette (zucchini) and aubergine (eggplant in American English, I think?), apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon


The real treat for me is eating fruit. Since I started sugarfree eating, I avoided fruit (and I love it...). I'm just trying to be careful and observe if I get sugar spikes, but it's OK with meal


Generally, feeling good, I enjoy not getting suddenly hungry, I can just keep going and slowly get hungry. I sleep really well. Digestion fine.


I will be HALFWAY done tomorrow!

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Day 15


And it's a Monday, so psychologically I'm ready for a week of being in full control :)


Meal 1 - sardines with grilled veg - courgette, aubergine; raspberries, kiwi

Meal 2 - grated carrot with some grated apple salad, turkey

Meal 3 - beef and carrot ragu (in tomato sauce) with grilled veg: aubergine and courgette; apple and kiwi with coconut flakes and coconut milk


Let me know if someone is reading this and thinks I eat too much fruit! (or do other things wrong!)

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Day 16 


Meal 1 - scrambled eggs with onion and spinach

Meal 2 - turkey salad with spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and olive oil

Meal 3 - turkey with roasted veg: carrots, parsnips, red pepper. Fruit salad (banana, grapefruit, raisins) with coconut and a few almonds


I feel good, energetic, no mood swings, no sudden tiredness, just constant the same levels of energy. Last week (week 2) my skin was still not great but it's definitely clearing up and healing, no breakouts...  


All good, I still would just love a bowl of natural yogurt... I hope I will have yogurt after whole30, I read how fermented dairy is probably OK. I still think that psychologically it was a deal breaker to give up dairy. Otherwise I would always have yogurt+fruit/nuts for breakfast.

This forces me to eat different things for breakfast, including protein and veg. With a yogurt option, I would just almost always choose it... 

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Day 17 



Meal 1 - eggs with grilled veg; kiwi

Meal 2 - on the go - carrot sticks, apple slices, cashew nuts

Meal 3 - "shepard's pie" - beef with grated veg and tomato sauce, baked with mashed sweet potato topping, spinach and sundried tomato salad; fruit salad (grapefruit, banana, shredded coconut)

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Day 18 


Meal 1 - mackerel with grilled veg; kiwi

Meal 2 - tuna, spinach, tomato, cucumber salad

Meal 3 - veg and beef mini burgers, courgette frittatta slice, grated carrot with apple; 2 apples, a few raisins and almonds (trying to keep this smaller)


I feel great, good energy levels and mood, despite busy work and lots going on.

I don't feel hungry - I just feel comfortably hungry before meals and by dinner time I'm ready for big amounts and enjoy eating all this). Long awaited Weekend tomorrow and would be nice to celebrate  with something different - I might consider some "approved"  indulgence just to keep me going in the later days

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I just did day 22


I haven't logged my food in a few days... Things were just a bit busy but to be honest, the main reason was that eating the way I eat became just so normal and natural... 

Just eggs/meat/fish and then add plenty of veg, anything that is in the fridge. Lots of olive oil, after meal coconut flakes with fruit, some nuts... So it just became boring to log this.

I feel great, sleep great, I love the fact that I know I will not get "weak" from hunger, that I can just keep going and then eat lots. I like that I eat LOTS of delicious food until I'm very full and that my jeans and clothes feel so loose - even after what feels like "I'm eating far too much, I'll put all the weight back on after this meal"

My family still eat bread and cereal and I have that food in the house but it's OK. There is so much other delicious food that I feel spoiled for choice.


This is the very first time in... probably ever that I was able to stick for three rigorous weeks to a way of eating that I committed to. And that's because it wasn't and it isn't based on will power. If it was, I wouldn't stick to this, there would always be an exception. It really is not so hard at the moment.


I haven't stepped on a scale either, I was tempted too last weekend when I noticed how much better I look. But then I thought - what if the number is not that much lower (let's say because I lost fat and muscle weighs more) - that would just spoil my joy. I prefer checking clothes and mirror for effect.


At the moment there are two huge challenges ahead:

1 - going on Thursday (day 25) for a week family holiday to Marrocco... different food, hotel's meals... I will do what I can to pick the right foods only, I'm also packing snack packs of fruit, almonds etc. But I don't want stressing about this ruin my holidays. I don't want to eat anything non-Whole30 and I will stick to it as much as possible.


challenge 2 - reintroduction (curious as to how things will work for me) and then I need to plan how I need and want to eat from then on. And I will need a new plan and I need to stick to eat.

I know that 3 meals a day and no snacking has to be part of it.

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Day 23 (yesterday)

Meal 1 - scrambled eggs with veg. Fruit

Meal 2 - salad with sardines, nuts

Meal 3 - roast turkey, roasted veg


Day 24 

Meal 1 - avocado salad, kiwi with coconut

Meal 2 - veg sticks, turkey, Brazil nuts

Meal 3 - beef and spinach in tomato sauce, banana, apple, a few nuts


I'm not going to log in the last 6 days - I'll be travelling from tomorrow. I will have food prepared for tomorrow and after this I can't plan and cook for myself but I will pick from any dish things that I can and want to eat.

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