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My Whole30 March - Australia (autumn)


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Day 9 - have been posting in forum (as my whole30 daily emails told me to) - and am new to forum posting - have just realised I took over someone elses post - sorry about that.  So, am moving myself into my own post.  Again - sorry to other newbie.


Here was my first post


Hullo.  I started March 1 - so Day 4 now.  I am so very grumpy and tired and achy.  I am just amazed at how grumpy & how much I ache.  Prior to this, I didnt eat gluten, I had quit processed sugar, no softdrinks, no milk.  I still had cheese (condiment only), eggs, capsicum, tomato, chilli.  I am happy to give these up for a month or 3 to reset and find out what optimum health is for me (I have fibro) - with the hope that I can reintroduce stuff successfully.  I'm not getting cravings - but I just want to nap & K.A.T. (either order).  I'm at work. I'm grateful for the post about having to find sugar free bacon - I had not really put two-and-two together on how they smoke the bacon.  Darn.  But I havent eaten any so far, so I dont have to restart (hooray).  Just groggy & grumpy.  I'm at work - I pitty the poor sucker who knocks on my door.  grump grump grump grumpity grump grump.   I suppose I do have a craving in a way - I crave sleep. ha


Oh - the reason I posted -


I have found the "Autoimmune Cookbook" by Mickey Trescott to be the most useful for the autoimmune Whole30. 

Here is the page where Melissa reviews it http://whole30.com/2.../recipe-ebooks/  It's an affordable e-book download.


I have the The Paleo Approach for Autoimmune Disease: by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD - on my iPad, but I havent read it yet.  http://whole30.com/2...paleo-approach/ - will keep you posted when I do.


I have downloaded a few other e-books that claim "AIP" but am cross - as they include honey or eggs or SWYPO recipes - grumble.

85_amazing_aip_breakfasts - a few SWYPO recipes (dissappointing as I dont even want to see that right now)

28_days_of_aip - a few honey recipes (So, I dont use this book as I dont want to go off-plan by mistake.


The others I have seen all include AIP no-go's such as eggs and capsicum and chilli spices. I plan to use Well Fed & Nom Nom when I am re-introducing. Here is the link where these are reviewed: http://whole30.com/2...e30-meal-plans/


To be honest - it is all about habit.  I can whack on the skillet with 2btsp of coconut oil, some himilayan rock salt and a small salmon steak (skin down) and a small pot with a steamer collander in it - and walk away for 5 min in the morning to pack my bag and come back to cooked food - which I then either sit and eat or box up for the drive (I will address this poor whole9 habit immenently I promise).  I know my stove (I know I need a LOUD timer as I lose track of time). 

I have tried the Trescott AIP beef patty - but added shredded pear and shredded zuccini into it (as I am not a MEAT first thing in the morning fan as yet). 


Mornings are the trickiest for me - I struggle with meat (gut is healing) & cant really do fruit (as I crash) - I do have the occasional smoothy (avocado, spinach, zuccini, coconut milk, slice of pear or slice of pineapple, and some fish oil/spirulina).  Oh gosh - now that i have said that - is spirulina compliant?  Geez - I hope so.  Otherwise I am back to square one. 



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Posted 04 March 2015 - 08:27 PM

End of Day 4. 

Summary of my conversation with my partner:

me "hey babe, remember a few days ago when I mentioned I started this Whole30 thing, and there might be days where I am in a bit of mood and probably wouldn't care if you left me and took all my shoes?"

him "yes"

me "this would be one of those days"

him "ah"

me "tomorrow isn't looking so good either"

him "greeeaaat"

me "on the bright side, the only craving I am struggling with is the one where I want to smack people upside the head.  I haven't had a food craving yet!"

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 09:43 PM

OK - end of day 6 (Australia).

discovered that bacon has sugar in it.  the horror.

Fortunately, this was before I had put any in my food.

So - have bought prosciutto instead.


Also discovered that the preserved herbs I use "Gourmet Garden" also have sugar in them AND milk solids!! sheesh - thank goodness I am reading packets.


my first day getting caught out without food (plans changed).  proud of myself - went to the grocery store and bought smoked salmon and prosciutto and rolled up a few together for a quick fix.  yum.


have read through some of the posts where husbands have not been that supportive.  would just like to share my 2 year storey.  I started my wellness journey 2 years ago (goodbye fad diets, hello starting to eat good food).  At first I did try to get my partner on board - and he was not supportive at all.  In hindsight, I can now see that he felt very threatened by the notion of what he felt he was giving up, and his little SWYPO relationship with all the processed food he liked.  So - I just cracked on with my journey.  As the food shopper & main cook - I bought & cooked for me.  He would still buy meat pies & bread rolls & sugar.    But over the two years, as I have experimented, I get him to taste things as I cook (honey, taste this, does it need more salt?) and he has noticed that when he eats well at home - and then has a binge on pies & chips - he doesn't feel so good.  And here we are, 2yrs later, he is sharing recipes with his friends, he is actually experimenting at the kitchen with a new Whole30 recipe - AND HE ACTUALLY BOUGHT CHICKEN GIBLETS HOME - my first foray into offal courtesy of my man - you could just knock me over with a feather.  One of the main things that has helped - is slowly & steadily over the past 2 years, I have been influencing our whole lifestyle away from the "chips & TV" lifestyle.  Nothing major.  Its like my honey's wardrobe - I don't throw out all the stuff he hates at once.  I have a 5yr plan for getting rid of 5 items of clothing, and introducing new stuff.  slow & steady.  you don't want to alarm your hunter to go into his fight/flight response. 


PS - giblets taste like chicken, but rubbery.  maybe good for a stew or a pie?

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Posted 08 March 2015 - 09:43 AM

End of Day 8

went to 2 birthday parties.  held the most delicious looking icecream birthday cake.  even got it on my fingers as I served it.  its an effort to catch yourself licking your fingers.  but I didn't.


I might have had a SWYPO - mashed banana, coconut paste & coconut chips.  and I might have overdone the fruit.  bought pelegrino sparkling water (bit more fancy) for the day.


I had prepared by sending an email to the hosts when I started the Whole30 with that list of what we cant have (with the AIP added bits of egg & tomatoes et) - as a "hey guess what, this is what I am doing this month" as part of my planning.  So - they had a salad for me and a bit of meat for me that were all compliant - and didn't make noise regarding the drinks (one even had lemon slices for me - so sweet).  So, a compliant day without much effort!! yay!


Am a bit sad today - as my fave tea is chai - and I am pretty sure the spices (cardamom & aniseed) are an AIP no-no.

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  • Moderators

I moved your post to the Whole30 Log section. You can update it whenever you have more to say!


You have discovered that liars publish cookbooks with titles designed to attract readers. They are generally poaching off the work of someone else and not at all helpful to achieving real goals. 


I like how well you are monitoring yourself and your food. :)

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Day 9

I can see from the timeline that days 10-11 are the hardest days.

I think I've hit that on day 9.


I recognise I have a few things working against me today...


It is TTOTM - and I just want something naughty - some banana & coconut butter & coconut chips.  I am going to follow Melissa's advice and have a bit of starchy veg in my meals - apparently some sweet potato & pumpkin will help smooth out the next few days. 


Also - I think the extra amount of fruit I ate yesterday is also wiping me out.  So - I am just sipping on peppermint tea and just trying to surrender and ride the wave.


Also - even though today is a day off - and I am sitting on my awesome front porch looking out over my awesome view - I am attending to a MOUND of all the things I have been delaying and procrastinating on.  There is a PILE of mail I am opening.  So - I did a bit of meditation beforehand, as well as a little gratitude practice - I am getting through the paperwork - with the promise that I can do a little gratitude art before I go onto the next chore.


Also - I am so so so so so over eating meat at every meal.  If there is a moderator out there who reads this - is agave inulin (salts) ok with this program?  I am more than a little backed up (sorry if that is TMI).


I did catch myself almost licking my face when I used my homemade sugar/coconut oil exfoliating face scrub tonight.  That was a struggle. ha


looking forward to the teens

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day 12. I wont go so far as to say craving - just missing.  I miss not being able to get a slice of raw carrot cake to spoil myself.  I recognise that this is a bad behaviour and exactly what the whole30 is designed to break the association.  so - need to work out a whole bunch of new behaviours to spoil myself.


breakfast - still struggle to eat 7 days of meat for breakfast.  most days am having a smoothie - I cup spinach, 1 cup zucchini, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 2 slices pineapple rings, spirulina, top up with coconut water. 

All the food is complaint - the amount of fruit I include in my total daily intake considerations.


if a moderator reads this - i'd still love advice as to whether agave inulin is ok


I have just finished listening to the audiobook - thrive - by Adrianna Huffington - interesting concept that she discusses is to have one keystone habit, that you focus on, that, for you, influences all your other habits.  hers is 8hrs sleep.  I agree.  sleep is the key.  so I am going to include he keystone of 8hrs sleep to the remaining whole30 and see how I go

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Day 24.

Well, I dont feel vibrant and energised (probably because i did not get enough sleep last night).

And I am hanging out for an egg.

I am also trying to plan my way around a big party this weekend.

I dont want to break - but I do want to stretch the rules (perhaps some SWYPO but compliant food groups)?

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