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Hi all,

While i've been doing Paleo for some time now and i wanted to get down to some root issues so i'm on the Whole30 day 1.

I usually have stevia in my coffee. Today i did not.

It's wierd.

I start my day at 2:30 am. Had my egg and nuts before my workout. Had breakfast after.

Usually by this time i'm hungry.

Can stevia cause me being hungry? I knew sugar and sugar products, but stevia?

Can anyone give me some insights?



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Absolutely it can, if you google this question, you'll find lots of anecdotal evidence that people experience this. Sweeteners without calories (or very few) prime your body for incoming hit of sugar, and then doesn't deliver. Talk about confusion!


Even fruit can make some people feel hungrier afterward. This is one reason we ask you to follow the Meal Template for protein, veggies and fats for every meal. It's also part of why we recommend you eat real food and skip the smoothies.


Personally, I try to eat heavy on the protein and fat in the morning, plus my veggies. I leave the fruit (and the starchier veggies, usually) for later in the day, if at all. For some of us, even fruit can trigger the Sugar Dragon.  I find if I use it more like a condiment or one of several salad components (and always including protein) then I have no issues.



And another perspective from Melissa Hartwig in the comments of The Sugar Manifesto:


Lots of people think Stevia is a great option because it’s “natural” and comes from a plant – but the little white crystals (developed in a lab) that you find in your packages of Stevia are the furthest thing from natural. In addition, your brain doesn’t care whether you’re loading up on real sugar or Stevia – the psychological impact of sugary foods and added sugars are the same. So, as we explain in our book, sugar = sugar = sugar from this perspective. In summary, the more you can do away with added sugars in your diet (real or artificial), the healthier you’ll be.

~ Melissa Hartwig


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This is going to VERY interesting!!

I had 3 strawberries with my breakfast, my post meal workout.

I never would never thought, i used it because i was on insulin at one time. Because gluten free 5 years ago and starting eating less process foods.

This is just another step in the process!!


thanks for the information!!!

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