Any others who started in early feb and finished?


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Just curious...I was expecting to see a slew of posts from all the people who started Feb 1 or early Feb about their whole 30 journey/recap. I recently finished my whole 30 (I had a great journey) and will definitely be posting a wrap-up post. I started my whole 30 on Feb 6 - a bit of weird day, I know, but I just wanted to start with no excuses ie. I'll start changing my life on the Monday. :) But I didn't realise that I'd be a bit of an odd duck in terms of threads/start dates etc. so I was MIA in all the "new to whole 30" groups and threads.


Anyways, just curious how many people in February started and have now finished their whole 30...and to ask everyone, how'd it go???




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Thanks Loulabelle! I was lurking and reading some of the posts from that thread. I was just wondering if there were any other "stragglers" like me that hadn't posted to the thread but had completed their whole 30.


Congrats on your whole 30 *and* for withstanding the temptation of the artisanal chocolate in your fridge. Wow, that requires some serious mojo. :)

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