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This is actually my third full Whole30, and here is what I've learned. 


Read It Starts With Food from beginning to end. Don't just download the guides and try to jump in.


A big part of my success on the Whole30 comes from the reading. The information in the book has empowered me to take control of my food life. I know that my success is within MY reach. Big food doesn't control me. I'm not dependent on sugar. When I am post-Whole30, I choose to have a glass of wine; I don't need a glass of wine. 


Today is Day 9 of a full on, locked-and-loaded Whole30, and I feel great. I eat great. And I'm in control of my choices. From the looks of what I've been eating, the choices are pretty darned good!


By the way, I slept last night -- the entire night -- for the first time in months and TIGER BLOOD is kicking in. 


Bring it on! 




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Your food looks awesome! And I totally agree on reading the book. I did that the first time around and was successful. I think I need to reread it to make this round successful. I bombed on three different rounds and am now committed to a Whole 90. We can do this!

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