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Day 21, nursing a 3.5mo and feeling great!

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My husband and I are on day 21 and feeling really good. It's been easy from the beginning. I've had zero sugar cravings, which is HUGE for me! One time only the kids potato chips smelled good. I'm pretty sure I have undiagnosed Fibromyalgia and my shoulder and neck muscular pain in 90% gone. Unbelievable! 


I've eaten relatively lo-carb/hi-protein for years, but the allowance of fruit and potatoes makes this doable. I definitely want to add back dairy and gluten to test for reactions but I could see living like this the rest of my life. My husband's belly fat is melting away before my eyes, too!


I'm so excited and happy to have found this! I'm so glad my adult daughter mentioned it to me!

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