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Kristina's Roller Coaster Story!


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Hi Everyone  :D 

I can't wait to start my first Whole 30 Journey!

A quick background about me:
I am currently 22 years old and a soon to be graduating college student. 
My first year of college, I weighed in at 183.6; height: 5'11.

Throughout the next couple of years, I managed to lose a total of 40 pounds, bringing me down to my all time lowest, 143. This journey began with a push from the program Weight Watchers, which I did for about a month (I lost 10 pounds in one month). 


At this point in time, losing weight was not by any means my main motive, rather it was to become healthier, and to resist the urge to bury myself in ramen noodles and midnight snacks. The added benefit of thinning out was great! Tons of people were complimenting me, and I had no idea my body was even changing! Now, fast forward roughly 3 years. Currently I weigh 153 pounds. I would love to lose 20 pounds in the end, but getting healthy again is what I am aiming for. 

2 months ago I took a week long cruise and ate myself silly. I have also just returned from the all-inclusive Bahamas vacation 2 days ago... uh.. goodbye 12 pina coladas a day?
Following my cruise I took a pledge to do the paleo diet for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks I lost about 3-4 pounds but felt amazing! I keep telling myself this is exactly what I need to fully commit and feel great by the time I graduate. 


Here's to a great journey and experience! Best of luck to all!  :P

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Do I think I would reach 133? Probably not. Would I stay at 133? Again probably not. I'd love to start with W30 to clean up my diet. If I lose weight, great, I will then work towards building muscle so I would not be "underweight"

Also, everyone's body is different. For example Taylor Swift measures 5'11 and 119 pounds. Just a perspective.


And yes, I'm aware of the no scales policy for 30 days.

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Last night I went grocery shopping to prepare for my journey! Yipes, I must have bought 2 weeks worth of W30 accepted foods and already put a dent into my college kid budget. Looks like I'll have to make myself a budget sheet this next month :mellow: 



Anyways, what did I buy?



- Broccoli
- Cauliflower
- Zuchinni ( I just bought a spiral slicer and can't wait to make some zuchinni pasta! )
- Bell peppers

- Mushrooms
- Asparagus
- Onions

- Artichoke (Any ideas on how to cook this? First time buying one that wasn't in a can)

- Bok Choy (MMH my favorite)
- Spinach

- Romaine lettuce

- Tomatoes

- Garlic


- Chicken breasts

- Steak

- Ground beef

- Ground turkey

- Cod

- Salmon
2 dozen eggs

- Bacon


- Apples
- Bananas

- Lemons

- Berries



- Beef Jerky

- Nuts
- Almond butter

- Larabars (LOVE)

- Olives

- Radishes

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I would go so far as to say that you may not be eating enough overall.  Check out the template (linked below) and try to fit your meals to it. Eggs, when they are the singular source of protein are as many as you can hold in your hand.  For most people that's 3-4.  The luncheon meat you would have to stack up quite a bit of it to be palm-sized since the thickness of your palm also counts.



If you are eating salad greens as your veggie, you need quite a bit of them.  I notice you have beets and strawberries in that meal so that's good.  Just make sure you aren't relying on greens unless you have a LOT of them.


And finally....unfortunately.....your picture of the veggies with the egg...........corn is not compliant on Whole30.   :(

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