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Day 10's No Scale Victory


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One year ago I was a size 2. Six months prior to that, I was a 0. 


Two weeks ago, I could no longer stuff myself into my super-stretch size 4 jeans. I've known for a while that I am not a size 4, but accepting the facts and dishing out the money for new jeans was tough for me because I know this WILL NOT be my new body. Therefore, I continued to paint my pants on my legs until I could no longer sit down at my desk without unbuttoning them. That was the point that I decided to go buy some new jeans that actually fit my body. I ended up with size 8.


Three sizes in a year... Four sizes in a year and a half... Not a good feeling. Cue the whole30.


I am now 10 days in, supplementing my whole30 with spin class 5 days a week, and I am happy to report that my size 4 jeans are wearable again. They are definitely still tight, but I am currently sitting at my desk with the button in tact and I am able to breathe. I've got a long way to go, but this little victory is enough to keep me trekkin on.


Thanks for letting me share!


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supplementing my whole30 with spin class 5 days a week



That's fantastic progress, and a great motivator to keep you going... Be sure and add in some weight training sessions in though as muscle is 3-5 times more metabollically active at rest than fat - with whole30 and muscle you'll be back in those size 2 in no time!!

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