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It can feel like a lot of information but try not to let it overwhelm you. You'll get the most benefit from whole 30 if you read all the resources, understand the program and fully commit to it.


As for reading labels, ingredients etc. and shopping that's one of the great benefits of whole 30 (in my opinion). Yes, it might be time consuming in the beginning, but it's important to audit and acknowledge everything that we put into our bodies. Your health and your food should be your choice. When you buy something without reading the ingredient label, you're blindly trusting someone else (usually a corporation) to make the "best" health/quality/taste choices on your behalf. Just because something says "natural" "whole" "low fat" doesn't mean it's good for you. Whole 30 forces you to make sure that you eat things that:


  1. Promote a healthy psychological response.
  2. Promote a healthy hormonal response.
  3. Support a healthy gut.
  4. Support immune function and minimize inflammation.
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