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Laurie's Whole 30 Log 2015


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Time to take my whole whatever's to the next level with more accountability.  I have been mostly whole 30 since June 2014 but did several whole 30's before that time. 


A little about me - 51 years old, mother to two beautiful feline children, live with boyfriend.  Health - IBS, asthma, allergies, depression, anxiety, history of EDNSO (eating disorder nonspecified other), papular prurigo (skin disease).  Unfortunately, whole 30 did not cure any of my medical conditions but I am still a big believer in the whole 30 lifestyle.  


My boyfriend, Steve, is very ill.  He had a stem cell transplant in August 2014, experienced severe acute graft vs. host disease and lost 52 pounds (emaciated).  Steve now has chronic graft vs. host disease.  Life with a ill partner is very difficult and stressful.  However, I would not trade this life for anything.  I am with the man I love.


I started my last whole 30 on January 7, 2015.  Made a mistake a few times along the way (don't know the exact days) - ate canned tuna with soy.  Just kept on going and decided to call it a "Laurie's whole whatever".  On March 4th, I knowingly screwed up.  Steve was admitted to the hospital with chest pain and his mom brought me a requested salad with chicken, no dressing.  She bought it from subway which has noncompliant chicken.  I was very hungry so I decided to eat it - well, just one bite of the chicken; it was too disgusting to eat.  Next day back on whole 30.  From January 7th to March 7th, I gave up fruit since fruit is a food with no brakes for me.  Decided to try fruit again, ate it for 4 days and realized I still have an issue with fruit.  I am considering giving it up for another 30 days.


I will be posting food and exercise for 30 days and then reevaluate how to proceed from there.  I don't need to drop weight.  My reason for Whole 30ing has always been to improve my relationship with food.  I have had success in that area but I'm always looking for more improvement.  I love the whole 30 because it gives me the control/structure that I am missing in my life but that I deeply crave.

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March 12, Thursday


Exercise - 1 hour walk


m1 -2 jumbo eggs, chicken breast, spinach, broc

snack -chicken breast

m2 -chicken leg quarter, tomato, sweet potato and zucchini cooked in olive oil

snack - cucumber

m3 -ground turkey, 1 jumbo egg, broc, sweet potato


I know the goal is to 3 times a day; I'm working on it.  Not easy for me. Sometimes I eat when I'm not hungry.  The fish and broc test does not work for me.  I could eat any type of food without hunger. In fact,  I am more likely to eat healthy food than unhealthy food.

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You may need to add more fat to each meal. Whole eggs include a good amount of fat, but chicken and turkey are low fat and cooking fats don't make much of a difference. Maybe add avocado, olives, or fattier cuts of meat.

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Tom, thanks for the advice.  Due to the IBS, too much fat gives me stomach aches so I need to be careful about my fat intake.  I eat eggs, poultry and fish but no meat.  I do eat salmon and olives so those would be good fat sources for me.  I'll pick those up on my next shopping trip.


Still trying to figure out if sweet potatoes are causing stomach issues.  I ate 2 yesterday so I believe I overdid it.  Something is creating problems for me.  Frequently I have very loose poop.  Sorry for the TMI.

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March 13, Friday


Exercise - bodyweight - 2 sets of 12 for all:

walkout pushup, decline pushup on ball, tri pushup, regular pushup, lateral chair step-up w/ knee raise, front chair step-up with knee raise, pendulum lunges, single leg squats, single leg deadlifts, air squats, hamstring ball curl, bridge on ball, superman, back extension on ball, good morning, pike on ball, front kick w/ crunch, plank w/ side rotation, ball transfer between hands and feet, crunch w/ scissors, boat abs


m1/post workout - chicken breast, broccoli  (post workout so no fat)

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Chigger - I should have started a journal a long time ago. I believe 100% accountability will take me to the next step of my journey.  Steve is not doing so well but he's alive.  He was given another chance at life and that's what is I must focus on. Hope you and your family are doing well.


continuation of March 13, Friday

m2- ground turkey, chicken breast, broccoli, strawberries, orange

snack - strawberries

m3 - 3 jumbo eggs, sweet potato, strawberries

snack - chicken breast cooked in olive oil


Ate meal 2 too late and I believe that threw me off.  I was very hungry and that's why I reached for the fruit.  Steve had a local doctor's appointment and the wait was extremely long.  When we go to the hospital in Miami, I always bring a protein/veggie to hold me over.  Now I know to be prepared during all medical appointments for Steve.   No veggies with m3 because I did not want to eat broccoli for the third time and no other veggies in the house.  An orange was whispering my name later in the evening.  I wasn't hungry but wanted something so I choose the chicken breast and cooked it in olive oil. I am happy to report that snack killed my desire for the fruit. Must work on ignoring the voice of fruit and also not eating when not hungry. 


I am committing to no fruit on Saturday and Sunday.  Do you hear that Laurie - no fruit - the commitment is only for 2 days.  As long as you are prepared, you can definitely do this.  You have done it before and you will do this again.   Enough of the talking to myself, time to scope out the forum.  I love reading all the information - so motivating and inspiring - so much to learn.

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March 14, Saturday


Overall  nice day. We have Steve's daughter for the weekend.  I always see a special light in Steve's eyes when he's with his daughter.  Steve is an amazing father.  I never had kids so this is also great for me. 


No Exercise


m1 - canned salmon, 1 jumbo egg, lettuce, purple cabbage, zucchini, baby carrots

m2 - same as meal 1 (minus the egg)

snack - baby carrots

m3 - ground turkey (about 8 ounces cooked), 2 jumbo eggs, large red potato, baby carrots, zucchini, green beans


m3 was very large.  I can really pack in the food.  I was only planning on having ground turkey for protein, then I decided to add an egg for more fat.  Follow-up thought thought - adding a second egg so that you are very full - that will kill your desire for fruit or additional food later in the evening.  Success! 


Baby carrots are also a food with no brakes for me.  I ate the whole bag in one day - 16 ounces.  If I had a second bag, I probably would have downed part of that bag also.


Followed through on my commitment to no fruit on Saturday. 

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March 15, Sunday


No Exercise


Last night's dinner kept me full for a long time.  Not hungry in morning - I didn't eat breakfast until 11:00 and then dinner around 5:15 so no lunch.  I had a protein snack before bed.  Made it though the day with no fruit.  Now let's get through another 2 days without fruit. 


m1 - ground turkey, eggplant, celery

m2 - broiled salmon, salad, broc, baked potato (out for dinner)

snack - chicken breast

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March 16,  Monday


Exercise - 1 hour walk


m1 - chicken breast, zucchini

m2 - chicken leg quarter, eggplant, celery, olive oil

snack - ground turkey

m3 - chicken breast, 1 jumbo egg, eggplant, celery, red potato

snack - celery

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