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Infantile epilepsy

Kimberly Fanning

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My niece has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy after 3 seizures in the past 5 months. She is 1 with no other obvious problems. Where are some good resources on diet and childhood epilepsy. Any reliable info on diet changes (grain , dairy, sugar free) for infants that improve the episodes of "idopathic" seizures???

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I am so sorry to hear this. I'm not a doctor, but I do know there are various protocols, like Paleo and a ketogenic diet, that have been working to help those with seizures and epilepsy for some time now. (See this post from Dr. Emily Deans: http://evolutionarypsychiatry.blogspot.com/2010/08/your-brain-on-ketones.html)

However, I would never recommend putting a child on a ketogenic diet without the supervision of a physician - and you'd have a hard time finding one forward-thinking enough to consider the idea. I would, however, recommend a Whole30-type diet for kids, supplying all the calories and micronutrients they need, without any of the potentially problematic compounds found in grains, dairy or legumes.

We've had some testimonials from folks with respect to seizures or other neurological conditions and the Whole30; read Jessica's story under seizures, and the testimonial on Essential Tremor. http://whole9life.com/2011/06/the-whole30-a-z-real-life-testimonials/

On the whole, I think a Whole30 approach for this kid wouldn't hurt, and very likely would help (even without going the ketogenic route). But, again, I'm not a doctor, and we always recommend working with your physician on dietary changes, especially with medical conditions. For more anecdotal evidence of Paleo helping epilepsy, just Google the terms.



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At one-year old it's hard to put them on medications and titrate easily so most won't. In addition its hard to put a one-year old on medication, period. However, Johns Hopkins used the ketogenic diet for epilepsy management and prevention. Below is the link with their information. If you have a neurologist they can always consult with Hopkins if you aren't close enough to go there. I'm just not sure they have put one so young on it. But they are the ones to talk to.

Good Luck!!

W :)


This is an article from 1995, it might be hepful - http://www.jhu.edu/jhumag/495web/fat.html


I read this book, it was very good - http://www.amazon.com/Ketogenic-Diets-5th-Edition-ebook/dp/B0049ENHSK


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Hi Kimberly,

I am currently in recovery after struggling with seizures off and on for 18 months. As Melissa mentioned above, I found relief from my seizures through doing the Whole30 program, and have continued to follow Whole30/Paleo guidelines for more than a year now. I have become very passionate about this topic, especially since I saw numerous doctors who didn't know what was wrong with me and only insisted on medication. I am in my mid-30's, so dealing with an infant is a totally different subject.

I recently read an article that I thought was encouraging and spot on about a mom struggling to find help for her little girl. Check this out: http://robbwolf.com/2012/02/13/ketogenic-diet-changes-kaileys-life-2/ I would love for you to share this with you family and hopefully it can give you some ideas of possible options for your niece.

Of course, as Melissa mentioned, working with a doctor is critical. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Hi Jessica,

All these years later, how are you? My 18 year old daughter has lifelong daily seizures. She is on day 13 of her first Whole30. I am so hopeful, as I'm on my first also, and at day 34 am seeing the world brighter because of relief from chronic pain. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has seen relief from seizures through eating the Whole30 way? We did keto diet through Stanford when she was 2 with little improvement. We've been on the cutting edge with cannabis oils and chiropractic help. So done with horrid pharmaceuticals. Thanks!


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