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Whole30 take 2


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In July, I finished a successful Whole30. Throughout August, I remained largely Whole30 compliant too. I felt great, I achieved a lot, I was working out, I dropped a few pounds etc etc. Life was good.

Two weeks ago, I went on vacation and moved to a more Primal lifestyle as I was eating out so often. At first, I kept it in moderation - cheese in my omelettes, a glass of wine etc. However, these past few days I've spent more than 24 hours either on an Amtrak train or in an airport, subsisting almost entirely on nuts, fruit and dark chocolate. Now I'm back home (UK), and about to go travelling AGAIN for a friend's wedding. Moreover, I'm living with my parents and have had the 'so what can you eat?' conversation three times already... I'm fed up, I'm bloated, I'm jet lagged, I'm craving sugar like crazy and I need some real food, stat!

As of Monday I'm starting a new Whole30. In the meantime I plan to be compliant, but I doubt I'll survive the wedding this weekend (and my parents' fridge is not yet primed for paleo).

My aim is to eat full meals and avoid snack foods (even the compliant ones!), and to really kick my sugar dependence for good! Oh, and to start logging my food again, as it really helped me stick to plan last time.

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