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I did the whole 30 about a year ago and felt great!  Lost about 10 pounds and 2 inches from my waist.  Felt phenomenal!  I am back in the unhealthy rut that makes me depressed, feeling fat, feeling antisocial, feeling unattractive and generally awful.  It is taking everything in me to start over because I've had a lot of experience with going back to the beginning.  I hate that I always end up failing... but the truth is, the feelings i am having right now are making me so miserable that I have to try SOMETHING.  And truthfully the whole 30 is simple, and it resets your whole body.  So here goes. Wish me luck.  Off to the grocery store to get LOTS of veggies, some fruits and lots of good proteins.  Wine is going down the drain.  I CAN DO THIS!   :rolleyes:

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