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I can't believe it's been over 30 days since I started this journey. I am so thankful I stumbled onto ISWF and Melissa and Dallas. I've gained a much healthier relationship with my food, my eating and more importantly realizing that my health is my choice. Or rather, a series of daily choices. I understand what makes my body "happy" and I am so grateful to ISWF and the amazing support group of moderators and whole 30ers. Y'all are wunderbar! It feels like after 43 years, I finally have the owner's manual to my body.

This nutritional reset forced me to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths (sugar owns me, mindless snacking, sloppy eating habits, trusting food labels). I liked to think that I was pretty healthy beforehand but doing this *squeaky clean* whole 30 nutritional reset made me realize there was definitely some wilful (or lazy) ignorance on my part and I can now take full ownership of my eating.

Was it easy? No, of course not. The path to change is always going to be challenging. The status quo is what our bodies, minds, friends and family find comforting. But I wanted a better and healthier version of me, so I chose me instead of the status quo. Yes, there were lots of social situations and celebrations to navigate. Chinese New Year! New job celebration! Family suppers! Yes, I had some bad workouts. Yes, I was tempted. But through it all, I just kept saying to myself "I choose me".

Here's a recap of my whole 30, by the numbers and more:

Pounds lost: 7
Waist: -2

Hips: -2.5
Bust: -2
Arms: -0.5


I had to face the fact that a lot of my recent eating was emotionally based  (sugar, you have so many tempting forms). This nutritional reset taught me that if I ate 3 nutritious and balanced meals, I would drastically reduce the need for snacks, treats or extras.

I can say no thank you to food I don't want to eat. I have control over my food and what I eat, not the other way around.

I am feeling so much more attuned and at home in my own body, in my own skin.

Speaking of skin, definitely better skin.

Crazy good sleep, 8-9 uninterrupted, deep restful hours every night.

Calm and even tempered disposition.

My chewing tempo/speed changed without conscious thought or effort. Even when I was really hungry, my meals would be eaten with a zen like pace. I never got hungry. It felt like my mouth (and appetite) was being controlled by the Dalai Lama.

Chili. I am addicted to chocolate chili. I had it for 21/30 days of my whole 30. I probably would have had it for all 30 but I only discovered it on Day 5. I can't quit you Melissa Joulwan.

Difficult Changes

I think The Whole 30 needs to be renamed Whole 30 Non-stop Peeing Nutritional Reset.

I got my TOM during the 3rd week when tiger blood should have occurred. The tiger was MIA.

Running was no bueno. My legs felt like lead sticks for the first 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Every run was willed into completion by pure obstinance and courtesy the mileage bank.

It hurts to know that many of the foods I love(d) don't help me. In fact, they do the opposite. Navigating the post whole 30 world is going to be interesting.

As someone who pre whole 30 liked to eat 1/3 to 1/2 of their meals without meat, I struggle to reconcile what this will look like post whole 30.

What Now?

I'm in the re-intro phase now, and have had some eye-opening reactions to dairy and other non compliant foods. I definitely plan to incorporate most of the whole 30 principles to my day-to-day eating going forward (leaving room for celebrations etc). My body felt/feels so good, I don't ever want to lose this feeling.

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This has been an awesome write up to read! I've really enjoyed following along with you, you have your head on your shoulders and embraced not only the spirit of the program as written but the spirit as it related to you as a unique individual. I look forward to hearing how you do with reintro and navigating the post W30 landscape!

Happy Weekend!!!

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Thanks Amy and ladys! I've had a few Homer Simpson style moments already: stretched out on the sofa, rubbing my tummy and grumbling "Noooooo! Not you...it was only a latte." And then it's back to the template and compliant foods till everything's happy again. The re-intro feels like a lot of one step forward, one step back but it's fascinating to see how my body reacts to old favourites. It's giving me some pretty clear feedback about what works and doesn't. Meanwhile, dipping a foot into old habits/new learnings is bumpy. My 2 "post whole 30 hangovers" have been brutal. :)

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Congratulations on your success! I'm looking forward to writing my own recap next week, and an very interested to see your reintro process as you're just a couple of steps ahead of me. :-D

You did so well! I hope you can keep choosing you.

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Thanks Emilyk! I think we had or have very similar experiences (just going by your posts, which I always enjoy reading by the way!). Except you had much better luck with the kalua pig than I did (I didn't use the Alaea salt and I only cooked it for 12 hrs. So totally my own fault.) I look forward to reading your recap. :)


I definitely feel like life post whole 30 is more challenging. It's a lot easier eating in a black/white universe vs figuring out this sliding scale of bad, not-so-bad and sort-of-ok foods. It's funny how accustomed you get to how "good" your tummy/body feels and then when you re-introduce something that was "delicious" in your former life, it now causes you pain, and it feels like an eye-opening betrayal. Food frenemies everywhere!

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Congrats, evaq!  I've come across a few of your posts and really love your contributions - so smart, thoughtful and funny.  Also, I love this quote:  "I can't quit you Melissa Joulwan."  I make the chocolate chili with venison and elk when I can get it… and throw in a diced sweet potato too.  It is over the top.


I've done four Whole30's and keep coming back, because the strictness of the program has been easier for me than trying to navigate good eating and moderation with the slippery slope of old bad habits.  I'm fortunate that I don't have many food sensitivities.  I think what made me feel so good on the Whole30 was not all about the elimination of the "bad," but the abundance of the good - so that right there is going to be the basis for my going-forward strategy.


Best of luck to you!

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I think what made me feel so good on the Whole30 was not all about the elimination of the "bad," but the abundance of the good - so that right there is going to be the basis for my going-forward strategy.


Best of luck to you!


Thanks so much for your kind words of support higs. I love your credo <3! It's this realisation that's slowly dawning upon me during my re-intro. I shouldn't have to force my body to eat or reconcile itself with foods that hurt or harm it. I just need to embrace the things that make it feel good - something I've spent 30 days learning and cultivating. But then of course there's my Inner Homer Simpson/Fred Flintstone that says "Waaait, hey there's still a half container of coffee cream. Don't waste it! Maybe it's not sooo bad? Let's try again." The real me realises that the logic is 100% wacky. Right up there with, "Well I don't want to throw out this half pack of cigarettes. It's wasteful. I'll just um spread it out and smoke them slowly." To be clear, I don't smoke. But I do recognize how loopy my food habits/logic are at times. I'm a work in progress. :)


I'll be tracking/posting my first week of re-intro results/bumps/learnings in a few days.


ps. I tweeted to Melissa Joulwan about how I couldn't quit her chocolate chili and gave her a *slow clap*. She replied and favourited my tweet! She's awesome. I think all of us whole 30ers who love her chocolate chili should have a reunion potluck where we all make + bring our version of her chili. Yours sounds delicious. :)

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