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Round 3!!! Goal: up my level of athletic performance and sanity.


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Yeah baby.  So excited to have more structure again. I can't wait to reign my eating back in and keep progressing in a positive direction. I wandered again back into fitness model calorie counting, low fat clean eating and it made me crazy. I am down to 19% body fat and really happy yet nervous I am going to gain it back.  I was at 18% when I got back from vacation and I know I have gained some of it back..probably due to my nervousness. :(  My trainer told me there is no way to get to 15% body fat without going a little crazy and she is a decorated figure competitor. I am so grateful she is honest. I know a better way to structure and calm my eating beast!  Whole 30. 


I feel scared to give up my dark chocolate and freedom to eat whatever passes by.  But, I know I will feel so much better within a few days. This journey really is an upward spiral, not a straight line. I am excited to drink green tea these days and barely ever tempted to drink alcohol. It really does make me feel sick, so why would I want it?  And dang, after doing this a couple times and living the Whole9 life for awhile, 30 days doesn't seem very long to me.


Starting weight 137.  

Body fat 19%  

Waist 30 (ack!! I must be reacting to something. That's large for me.) 

Hips 38

Chest 35

Arms 11



structured, sane eating.  

to log every meal in my notebook

to log emotional progress here

to get rid of some of this visceral fat  


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Are you trying to get lower body fat because of a fitness competition or something like that? Body fat that low is pretty scary, health-wise. There's nothing about doing a Whole30 that will contribute to taking your body fat lower than is healthy for you.

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I am trying to get rid of my visceral fat around my gut.  My body is pretty lean but I have a big belly which is the dangerous fat to carry. I'm 5'3"and 137 with a waist of 30 inches currently, so I have plenty of room to safely lose some fat. Whole 30 keeps me from eating crap all day and emotional eating which leads to fat loss for me. As for other reasons, I am a surfer and hauling around an extra 10 pounds makes a huge difference on a surfboard. It's kind of like cross country running or mountain climbing. Every ounce counts. 


Funny thing about body fat percentages is that everyone looks different and carries it differently.  I have read that beach volleyball players average 22%. I have a double chin, arm fat and love handles at 22%, most likely because of my short frame. Stretch my old 22% and 143 pounds over a 5 foot 10 body and you become a magazine cover shot. Not sure if anyone has done research on it, but I know all my tiny Philippina friends have very low body fat and maintain it for a lifetime. (They average 5'1" and 95-105 pounds) Maybe little people are made to carry less fat.  

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It's interesting how our bodies carry fat in different ways -- I have a female friend who's 5 foot nothing', skinny legs, no butt, but she's got boobs and a Buddha belly :) She says she's a "strawberry" shape as opposed to apple or pear? lol

p.s. didn't your round 2 end a couple days ago?

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In general, belly fat can be the result of yo-yo dieting or thrill eating in particular.   When any individual diets with over-restriction of food, very low calorie - you can lose weight like crazy.   You will also be losing lean muscle mass at the same time.  If same individual goes back on a bender of thrill eating with rebound weight gain, it's usually in the form of belly fat.  Lean muscle mass does not come back with the rebound weight gain.   Over the course of many years, or a lifetime - this form of eating leaves you further in the hole.  The body composition suffers, too.


In other words, trying to get skinny can keep an individual fat.  A thrill eating or yo-yo diet cycle can be an utter punishment on the body.  We have to address the head games we play with ourself.   For anyone stuck in this loop, you can swing the mountain of momentum the other way.   


Ooooooo....go sloooooow.   Over-restriction or being brutally strict sets up vicious cycles.  It is the Shock and Awe approach but staying there without the pain of withdrawal is rare.   Every part of a person's being rebels fairly quickly.   And long term, that approach will get a person nowhere good.


Diet is a dirty word.   Poorly implemented lifestyle changes will fail and health journeys that involve starving oneself can lead to more binge eating.   Truth.


The best shot at getting there and staying there...is to edge your way down slowly.  There will be less mental/emotional struggle with better retention... new healthy habits and healthy real foods.   


Think long term success.  Try gentle change.   Gentle permanent change for the WIN.   A Whole 30 deals with the mind warp the scale throws at people.   All we have to do is plan our meals to get back in the groove.  Planning always helps to avoid making impulsive decisions with food.   Climbing out of over-restriction is transcendent and the best recovery from dieting.

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Swimming with the masters this morning. Craving chocolate but drinking mint tea. 

PWO - 1 banana, 1 tbs MCT

Meal 1- chicken, cauliflower, zucchini, baby greens, tahini dressing, 1/2 avocado

Feeling Stuffed!!! Over did it a bit.  Trying to eat until satisfied, not full.  


Hara Hachi Bu

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Meadow Lily....


You obviously don't know me.  I lost 30 pounds in 3 years and it's taking me more than a year to lose the last 10.  Tell me, has anyone on this forum lost weight slower? And what exactly is "thrill eating"? And who are you?  It would be good manners and more productive to get to know a person before spewing 5 paragraphs of advice on their personal log. I welcome polite questions and suggestions like Amy S and kirkors.





PWO- handful of raw macadamia nuts

1 hour yoga

Meal 2- canned salmon, 1 tbs mayo, 1/2 avocado, baby greens, tahini dressing, steamed kate w/ 1 tbs coconut cream, grapes for dessert


Wow.  Feel great. Still craving chocolate!!

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