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Day 4 observations

Lise G

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Hi there - I'm on Day 4! I write this while eating sweet potato, bacon and egg for breakfast with tea (because coconut milk with coffee is no bueno). Just thought I'd share some observations of what I've noticed so far: 

My stomach isn't upset all the time. I have had a sensitive stomach in forever. I can't mix certain foods, I can't eat a lot of foods but I've noticed everything I've eaten so far has been pleasantly accepted by my stomach. 

I'm not feeling gross. You know that feeling when you've eaten too much bread or had a couple cookies and you just feel icky? I haven't had that. I know it's because I've changed what I'm eating but just making mental notes. Eating better = feeling better

My self talk has been delightful. I actually noticed that this morning. Every morning, by habit really, it would start. I can't believe I feel gross. I can't believe I didn't eat well last night. I will do better today. Waking up hopeful but knowing that it probably wouldn't stick. No more of that because I have a serious, down and dirty plan. For 30 freaking days. 

I have not been hungry. I'm eating a lot more protein than I normally do. I feel like overall I have been a healthy eater but an even better snacker. Noshing on crackers, almonds, peanuts, lots and lots of cheese. I was ALWAYS hungry. I haven't been hungry. I was really tired yesterday but I had two oranges and felt amazing afterward. 

I observed that I really like to drink wine on Friday nights, sort of a "Yay it's Friday" ritual. I didn't get to do that, which sort of bummed me out but the upside is that I woke up fresh as a daisy with no wine and oops I ate a bunch of ice cream, too ...hangover. 

My husband has agreed to take this journey on with me. He admitted last Sunday that he has been struggling with fatigue, being able to sleep, overall just lack of vitality. I remembered those Instagram posts that I had been following, and seeing all of these great results and hearing about how much better they felt and so when I suggested to try it, he agreed. It definitely makes it easier to have support at home. 

Best of luck to all of you, no matter what day you are on!  :D

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