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Today is my Day 0. The day I decided it's finally time to go down the Whole30 Road again. This will be my second Whole30 journey. My first was a successful one that I actually followed strict for 45 days and I felt amazing. Then life happened and I slowly returned to my old habits. Now my health has a few iffy things going on and I need Whole30 back in my daily routine. 


So today I'm cleaning out my fridge and pantry, making a grocery list and menu, placing orders from US Wellness Meats/Amazon for a few staple food items that can't be found in stores locally as well as mentally preparing myself for a second successful Whole30. My weekly work life is pretty hectic so I must food prep on Sundays to have all of my meals at my fingertips. I have my daughter and my husband as my close support network.....they help keep me straight when I feel a little weak with non-compliant Whole30 foods. 

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Day 1 is almost in the books! So far it has been pretty good. I started my day with a simple breakfast and then went to Whole Foods to get everything that I need for the week. The majority of my food for the week is chopped, cooked and ready to go. Work can get pretty hectic and I don't want to let the hustle and bustle of my day trip me up. I have veggies chopped for quick egg scrambles in the morning, cooked W30 approved bacon, ground turkey and vegetable sauté, roasted root vegetables, hard boiled eggs and W30 mayo. I like to add herbs, spices or even a little mashed avocado to my mayo to go with different things.

I took my Day 1 photos- Whew that was eye opening! I'll post them later when I have some results to compare them too.

I can tell that my body really wants some bread or sugar. Boy is the day 2-3 Hangover feeling gonna hit me hard. I have to get through this. My body will thank me later, its just not liking me too much right now. :)

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