Big time challenge: Bachelorette weekend in Savannah

Katie Rin

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I'm going to a bachelorette weekend in Savannah during my whole30. While I am over the moon about the trip, I'm concerned about packing to-go items and eating out while I'm there. My roommate was three days ahead of me on the program and she went to Chattanooga this weekend and after an accidental slip she completely bailed on the program! (Restarting this week)

I need some travel eating tips, things I can make and pack for the long ride down there and some eating-out tips.

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you can recommend!!!

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Do you know any of the restaurants you'll be eating at?

I'd probably pack hearty raw veg (carrots, raw broccoli, that kind of thing) that can last for awhile out of the fridge, coconut flakes, nuts, tuna; if you have access to a fridge, that will make your life easier - take a cooler with hard boiled eggs, mayo, whatever else and you're set! I usually find it harder to get enough good fat when eating out than protein. Most places will have a grilled chicken salad or something, but no guarantees on dressings, avocados, that kind of thing.

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