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Hi, there!  I'm Jules. :)  

I started on my body's healing path two years ago when I discovered a sensitivity to gluten and dairy and allergy to sulfites, and promptly ditched them all. I felt soooo much better, lost so much inflammatory weight, and turned over a newish leaf with my eating habits. I was on top of the world!  That is, until more sensitivities began to appear, and I realized that my body was trying to give me more information, that it needed more attention. I began eliminating rice and corn (my other primary culprits) and noticed some improvement, but couldn't manage to cut all of the necessary foods all the time. I kept fudging, mostly because of my sweet tooth. 

Which led me here. I opted to quit sugar cold-turkey over a week ago, and I started feeling so much better that when I read about the Whole30, I knew this was the route to take to get my body reset before embarking into a Paleo lifestyle ahead.  

I am excited to embark on this amazing experience, to give my body everything it needs to be at its best!  And, I am also ready to establish a new, healthier relationship with food--reframing all of my "I can't have this food" deprivation-induced allergy-shtick, into "Look at all this wonderful, nourishing food I can eat!" 

Happy 1st Day!  Looking forward to reading about everyone else's experiences and insights. :)

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Congrats and well done for finding whole30. You really won't regret it. After 2x whole30 plus a half one I really can control myself more now. I'm able to be really strict really easily. All the best

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