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Starting my log half way + thru- but starting none the less


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Tsrating stats- 5'2" 142 lbs, uncomfortable in all my clothes and inddeed in being out side in anything but sweats.


Hi,  Tuesday is day 19 of my first Whole30.  I had spent a few months eating paleo but indulging in tons of swypo and the totally falling off the wagon at which point I all the improvement I saw in my autoimmune condition (a bladder condition often triggered by foods called Interstitial Cystitis).  I am starting this whole thirty with multiple intentions. I wan to have energy- i was briskly walking 3 iles at an incline or taking a workout class approx 3-4 days a week when i was eating paleo but it all fell apart and I was back to debilitating fatigue- dropping my kid off at school and then napping till pick up, then feeling snappish and tired all afternoon.  it is difficult to parse out what is possible and what I might need to accept given my diagnosis and the quality of life I see many people with my condition and medication load living- I am doing a lot more than many of those  people who have Ic to the degree that I have it- and yet  it isn't enough for me- but we all have to accept what is and work within those confines.  I want my life back!!

  I want to break free from my addiction to sugar as an emotional crutch, see what it would be like to clear all the "stuff" out of my body for a month.  Improve my health and identify the foods that trigger my flares, and I won't lie- I want to lose weight.  My goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of September (7 months when I started the journey)  so I'm not looking for a get skinny fast plan and am willing to take the slow lane and will feel happy about it as long as I am going in that direction- even if it is in stutters and starts.  My husband and I are pretty reliable label readers (as a results of 17 tears of a food triggered illness) so you can assume we checked for hidden fillers or sugar etc. 

   No one in my house is participating in the Whole 30 but my husband is a great advocate for clean food and fills the fridge with prepared proteins, veggies, and a pot of bone broth (my favorite morning beverage) every weekend (yay him) and our kids always want to know if the are having a growing food and what the advantage of a particular food (carrots- eyes etc).  They have been very receptive to the change from carby quick breakfasts to having flank steak with sweet potatoes for breakfast (or something like it) which my husband and I think is awesome for them and we are moving them towards a whole30 way of eating in bits and pieces as we run out of things they are used to having (llike the organic version of goldfish- except of course the school never listens to me and ignores the bag of approved treats I sent in and instead gives him candy, doughnut holes, and other foods that are so awesome for a kid with behavioral issues linked to autism- nice work.  ) at least at home we are successfulyy replacing those foods with Dang Coconut shreds, olives, or hearts of palms, etc.    We are lucky becasue we either lucked out or maybe the way we fed them as babies (never used baby food_- just joined a CSA and steamed whatever got sent and fed it to the) but our  kids will do a dance of happiness for sweet potatoes and will work for blueberries.  I don't know how we got here but I will take it.

  I gained the weight in a few ways first the pregnancy and birth of our two lovely sons.  And two the subsequent overwhelming stress involved with taking care of a kid with special needs (autism) while breastfeeding another child and having my husband work full time, commute 3+ hours a day, and then go to law school at night (he passed the bar and we are thru that thank goodness btu now he still has a monster commute and I am with he kids till at least 7 on my own).  It was a hard time and while I was nursing I was sooo hungry and I could get away with grabbing some ice cream every time I was overwhelmed but I can't do that anymore.

  We have always eaten organic but have indulged in plenty of organic versions of junky foods.  I also get really, really hungry when I take my medications- like tear down the kitchen looking for food like a bear hungry and I take them at night so I want to eat at midnight- argh.  I did something else last night to release some serotonin instead of eating and I have to say that it worked out just fine but  I may not always have access to that distraction either.  right now we are embroiled in a fight to have my son treated fairly in the school district including lawyers and advocates and feeling judged for not taking a stand against these people sooner- it is complicated.  Ok let's get to it-


  today Whole 30- day 18

 breakfast 8.45

a few slices of apple while making school lunches

 beef short ribs (slow cooker prepared with vinegar and homemade bone broth) 8.45


Lunch 12.30

leftovers sauteed in a little ghee, this is a favorite meal of mine- usually prepared with spaghetti squash but today I had brussel sprouts)

brussel sprouts (probably 1 1/2 c)

1 chicken thigh (I am always referring to the type you purchase boneless at Whole Foods) prepared with salt and pepper and pure granulated garlic

1 fried egg ontop, yum.  I probably eat a variation o fthis daily- usually with spaghetti squash and with any meat that is leftover and up to three eggs (I an hold five which seems uch to me so I usually assume 4 is my serving- I'm only 5'2"


dinner 6

1/8 cup dried mango while waiting for dinner

pork chops (salt, pepper,coconut oil)

blueberries (instead of apple sauce)

  despite spending the night tossing and turning over the impending meeting today I actually had good energy till I came home and collapsed from the stress of it all.  I usually eat more veggies and unfortunately do more snacking but this is my faithful accounting of today so we shall see where tomorrow takes us.

  Im obviously up late and am polishing off the dates right now- not what I should be doing I know.  I would say that I have to the letter faithfully followed the complaint foods list but have not made the changes to the emotional parts of eating or to the schedule- even though today it might look like I did ok ish with the snacking it hasn't always been like that. I only like to eat my food sitting in bed and watching tv (partly becasue I just want a break from my kids- which is soo bad and I do try to just deal with it so we can have a family meal but it can be very stressful to eat with them).   I am a work in progress.


snacks- all eaten after dinner and passing out on my bed and mostly becasue I craved the tastes-  I would have eaten salmon and broccoli if that had been the option available


             5 dates roasted and stuffed with coconut butter- yum

              1 can hearts of palm


positives I have noticed- despite the freezing effects that the medications have on the boewl and subsequent difficulties staying regular I am for the first time in as long as I can remember using the bathroom more than once a day- heck once a day used to be a major victory so this is big.  This started to happen a few days ago.

  I have had a few days back in the gym but am still not back to my regular routine (which still needed to be upped to include strength training but I just never had the energy).


ok I am super tired so I will proof this and continue the journey tomorrow.  Am I loggin in the right place?  The log I saw had someone jouney mapped out daily so it said Day one followed by a box etc- maybe those were just her titales?  Not sure but I assue that I just keep positn gin this thread and then will have a way to keep myself accountable and look bac and say- hmm every time I stuff msyelf with dates right before bed I wake up with a headache or whatever..  Thank you to all and to all a good night (morning)

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day 19


9 one small slice pear

2 scrambled eggs


lunch was super late but I wasn't hungry becasue i was mostly sleeping

pork chop reheated in some ghee

homemade roasted red bell peppers




5 dates roasted and with coconut butter



flank steak


we got kind of low on prepared foods for some reason but we have chicken thighs and skirt steak and sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts at the ready to prepare tomorrow so I'll be back to stocked.  hopefully I'll do a bit better with it tomorrow- or maybe the next day when I have everything prepped.

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