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1...2...3....what to do next. Advice please

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I'm currently on Day 21 and have done really well with food choices, etc. I am scheduled to finish Whole30 the day before we go to a wedding. I don't have time for screw ups, but some how I keep having "issues." today makes number 3 of something being in/on my food/drink that should not be. I now don't know what is the best way to handle my journey. After these missteps I have just continued (since I have no wiggle room to do a restart). Below are the 3 missteps I noted in my journal/food log. What would you all do? Are they big enough reason to do another hard core Whole30 right after the wedding? After the wedding just keep going and do reintroduction as I see fit? I by no means am going to dive face first into wedding cake (maybe a piece? Or a bite?) but I have no idea what they are serving for dinner. Might have a glass of wine, but don't have to. I'm sure hubby will drink enough for both of us, lol.

Anyways, advice please.

Day 21

Ran through Starbucks for a grande Blonde roast plain....I've been trying some of the coffee black, nothing added and pleasantly surprised how easily I'm adjusting to it. Today I got screwed though! Took first sip and thought, hmmm this is pretty good. Two more sips, this is really smooth....happen to glance down at the lid and some coffee splashed out. It was light colored. What the hell?? What's in my coffee??!!!!! I look at the receipt...grande blonde roast with cream!! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!! It's a wonder I didn't cause an accident from being so pissed. I didn't have time to drive back on get back to the drive through lane. So....Off to work I went

Day 18

Lunch- this ended up a frustrating mess

I made sausage with mushrooms and put pizza sauce on it. Stirred it around, tried a small bite of it then proceeded to make my families pizza lunch. Then it dawned on me..... I haven't had that pizza sauce since before starting Whole 30, pretty sure it's safe but better double check. Yep, organic cane sugar!! DANG IT!! Well crap! Now between the strawberry mishap the other day and this I'm wondering if I should restart. Problem is we have a wedding the day after I'm scheduled to finish Whole 30. I don't know what to do but I'm just keeping on for now I guess.

Day 15

Here's the major BS of the day! I get to my sitters to pick up my daughter and end up hanging around to help with snack. I was putting fruit on the kids plates, cutting larger strawberries down to bite sized for the little ones when a chunk flew off the plate onto the table. Instead of putting it on the kids plate, I popped it in my mouth. &@$! It has sugar on it!!!!! I nearly choked on it in panic as I knew immediately that this compromised my Whole30. To make matters worse I swallowed it. It was like a train wreck I couldn't stop. I have done SOOO freakin' good and now this. Obviously it wasn't intentional and probably only had a small amount of sugar but I still want to cry like a baby about it! I really don't want to start over. I don't feel like it made me crave anything. Stupid strawberry was WAY too sweet.

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These are minor missteps, and not deliberate choices to fall face-first into a box of donuts. Chalk them up as learning experiences and keep on keeping on - the tiny bits of added sugar and sip of cream isn't going to throw your reset out of whack.

Don't let these small accidental "doses" of off-plan ingredients be your excuse to throw in the towel and give in to the What the Hell effect when your W30 is over. (You know, where you say, "Well, I already messed up, so what the hell..." and then you're off and running.) If your Whole30 ends before the wedding, think about what will be worth it to indulge in (wine, champagne, cake?) ahead of time - and then stick to your plan. If you decide that glass of house merlot isn't gonna be worth it, don't let social pressure and the idea that you're no longer "not allowed" to drink cause you to change your mind. Go in with a plan, and if you do indulge, enjoy it! (And then pay attention to the consequences, of any.)

Don't let these minor Whole30 imperfections make you feel any less proud of yourself. You DID complete the program and learned from it - and that is worth celebrating!



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Thank you for your response, I greatly appreciate it. If I remember correctly, the Daily email that addressed the "what the hell" effect came at the perfect time for me. I think it was right around day 15 (when the strawberry incident happened). So that helped me to just keep going, like you said. Good to know that even though there have been 3 "missteps/incidnets" that all is not lost. :)

I'm not sure if I'll have that merlot or the cake. I'd chose cake over alcohol any day, however, that makes me wonder if I haven't killed the sugar demon....something to think about I guess. I know a glass of wine wouldn't send me back to my old ways, but wonder if a piece of cake would. Maybe not, I think I'm mentally stronger than I was 22 days ago!

Thanks again for your thoughts and encouragement!

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