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Today is day 3. All day yesterday I was thinking, this is AWESOME!! Look at all these veggies! Swiss chard! Watermelon radishes! Kale! WOOHOO!! Go me! Then I woke up today and feel like I was run over in my sleep! Headache, nausea and SO tired!! Plus...I promise not to be graphic...I was thinking that my "system" would be overly productive, but it has totally shut down!! You cannot imagine how much veg/roughage I am eating!! How is that possible? :(  Please tell me this gets better quickly! UGH!

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These symptoms are rather normal for the first few days.  Some things that may help:


eat a starchy carb with your next meal.  Highly recommend a sweet potato as they help TREMENDOUSLY for getting thing moving in *that* department

You could take a supplementative digestive enzyme.  Make sure to read labels.  Always read your labels.  Digestive enzymes are not long term supplements.  They are just to help you build up the proper enzymes while switching over your way of eating.

Add some fermented foods to your meal - sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha (fermented tea) all work.

Drink lots of water.  Make sure you are consuming half your body weight in ounce a day.

Magnesium supplement - most people (even with good diets) are deficient in magnesium.  It helps with bathroom issues as well as sleep issues.  The brand we recommend around hear is Natural Calm-unflavoured.


Anyway - the symptoms you have should pass in time. 

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