Day 3 mess up?


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So I'm at the end of day 3, and I've been doing some forum scanning, and I've come to a couple realizations:

1. Fruit juice.. I didn't realize this was a no no.. I've had (probably) one can of pineapple juice each day..

2. Haven't really followed the meal template.. I'm the type of person who just jumps into building something having only glanced at the instructions. Before, i had only read the intro to the program and glanced at a few other things, so I've not really followed the suggested meal template until tonight when I actually read it, i.e. Eating lots of fruit, snacking throughout the day, etc.

So my question is, should I start over? I haven't technically eaten anything on the do not eat list, so my body is (I think) still in detox mode. As far as I can tell I've just messed up the 'changing of habits' part.. Which I've got an entire 27 days to go for that, especially since I've actually read and understand stuff now. I've also (I can only hope) gotten out of the 'hangover' phase so my body is up to par with day 3, I don't want to have to do math every time I look at the timeline to figure out aproximately where I am..

I'm interested to hear if other people have had similar experiences, what they did, and any advice that might be out there.


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Now that you know how you *should* be doing things why not consider doing a whole33 (or which ever magic number you like. I like good round numbers so I'd probably go for 35 but that's a personal thing  :P ) which will include the days you've already done, but also include 30 days of complete compliance?

You haven't done yourself any harm over the last three days, for sure, but with the amount of fruit & fruit juice you have consumed, along with the continued snacking you haven't really done things in the true spirit of which whole30 is intended...

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You're supposed to be careful with fruit juice, and you're supposed to eat your food rather than drinking it, but fruit juice isn't actually forbidden. 

You shouldn't be just drinking it plain, but using it in recipes (so long as you aren't recreating desserts and such) or even adding some to sparkling water is okay.

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