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This may be a bit of an odd success story ...


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Just a quick background ...


Did my Whole30 end of December-January.  Loved it!  Felt great, lots of good results.  


Side note ...didn't find any relief from pesky stomach issues ... actually got worse as I did the Whole30.  (Ended up trying recommendation of NOW enzymes and voila ... no more stomach issues ... took me years of suffering to figure it out ... thank you Whole30!!!)


But I LOVE eating this way so I continued on with just some social treats here and there.  No side-effects, no problems!


Finally onto my success ...


Had company for a week last week.  So I ate "socially" all week.  Not mass quantities, but pizza (super delicious kind!), cake (my most favorite treat ever ... and homemade special cakes at that!) and wine, wine, wine!!  And completely walked away from veggies (aside from some on my pizza and a sorry salad or 2).  No regrets, no guilt.


But by Sunday I was so over it!!!  I couldn't wait to get back to my NEW NORMAL eating.  Felt like a train wreck Monday morning ... joints hurt, hot flashes, skin crappy, bloated, no energy ... you get the idea.  Shocked I felt that bad!


Feel "normal" again this morning ... whew!


In the past, a week of crappy eating would take a huge effort to reverse ... usually leading to weeks of struggling with "trying" to eat better.  It look no effort to return to my healthy habits .... felt like I had to ...HUGE VICTORY for me.  I wondered if all this Whole30 stuff was temporary but I really think it's my normal now.  


AND ... I will not stray that far again ... so not worth it!  (However, social treats occasionally are very worth it!)


Wasn't sure where my "bike ride" would take me, but I'm relieved to find I'm still on solid ground.  Thank you again WHOLE30!!

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