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My Month Two - a mixed bag


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I haven't been posting here much lately as it is a busy time for me.

August was my second month on Whole30. I had a couple of bad days where I ate some off-plan chocolate. In the beginning of the month, I ate way too many macadamia nuts.

I think I might have lost 1 pound this month. That's fine, I'll take it!

I'm back on track now. Since I plan to follow Whole30 as closely as possible forever, I'll be rolling right into September's challenge.

We're embarking on a long road trip this fall, and I was concerned about the ability to eat approved food during the trip. We found a solution. We will be renting a condo, and it has a full kitchen. So I will be able to cook all of our meals. For the drive to and fro, we'll bring our own foods for breakfast and lunch, and probably eat dinner out in a steak place. I do have one planned "cheat." While driving through New Mexico, we will stop in Santa Fe and indulge in a fresh, homemade blue corn tortilla. B)

I'm looking forward to the trip, and no longer stressed about how to stay on Whole30 for the duration.

Lessons learnd about going off-track?

If you eat a non-approved food, or over-indulge in an approved food - get right back on the plan immediately afterward! Don't fall for the trap of discouragement! All is not lost! :)

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Right there with you Adagio! We've been venturing off-road here and there since finishing our whole30 at the end of July. Never venturing "too" far off, but off none-the-less. It's all good-because each time we've eaten non-compliant food, or had non-compliant beverages we've gotten right back on track the next day. And we've discovered that one off-road day a week is not such a big deal-and best of all, the choices we make on those off-road days are no where near as bad as they were in the past. We typically split a meal or dessert now. Way less bad for us in the end! I love being so aware of what I am eating and how I am feeling.

Good luck to you in this next phase!

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