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Really sore boobs and cramps

Tanya K

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Ok so I got over my messed up belly and exhaustion by understanding that my body reacts awfully to eggs, albeit raw eggs!! Anyway, from yesterday which was day 19 I have the most extremely tender boobs! Like every time I walk they are so very sore. I also have had extremely painful cramps. The last whole 30 I did was back in December and I did have very painful symptoms then too, but subsided after a day. This time whilst the cramps come and go the boob pain is relentless. I feel absolutely fantastic other than this.

I just want to see if anyone has a remedy or something for this pain, or has had similar issues? I have read that this can be a problem when becoming Paleo etc but as the body self regulates that these issues do pass. In the meantime though is there anything that can be taken to help? I've read too that iodine helps but then a supplement of selenium has to be taken to prevent iodine toxicity?? Basically there is a tonne of stuff out there that you can read and drive yourself up the walls with, but if anyone who has had these same symptoms and fixed them could you pretty please share your tips.

Thank you :-)

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I had these issues on and off for about 3 - 4 months.


It's either my body decidedly switched over with out further issue OR it was a brand of coconut milk I was using.  Apparently BPA coated liners will affect hormones and the like.  So I switched to a coconut milk brand that did not have BPA coated liners (ARROY-D).  Then the tender/swollen/sore breasts stopped. 


Like I said - this could have been sheer coincidental but part of me thinks it's not.

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It is uncomfortable - I agree.


It might take a few days to pass - but it will pass.


I was thinking it was part of my PMS symptoms initially and then my period came and went and then my breast were still sore after.  So I knew it wasn't that anymore.  Initially I did think it was completely the coconut milk - but then - it would come and go intermittedly - and then I saw something posted about BPA lined cans and how it can affect hormone related things. And because coconut milk is fatty it absorbs the BPA. So I tried a recommended brand that had no BPA.  And lo and behold no more tender sore breasts!

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Not sot bad today at all. I was nearly in tears with pain and I'm a hardy one!! Lol

That sure sounds as if the packaging could have been really causing your issues! Glad you could relsove it. I rarely use coconut milk other than whipped for cream. All my other foods are free from packaging more or less, meat from butchers and fruit and veg. But I will be definitely more aware of such things. It's not something that even crossed my mind. Thank you again.

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