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Am I doing this right??

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Could you guys review my typical day and if there's any changes I need to make

Pre workout Cooked in coconut oil 2 egg whites

meal1 Cooked in coconut oil 3 whole eggs, broccoli, 1/2 avocado, purple cabbage, 1/2 serving fruit

meal2 All cooked kn coconut oil ground turkey, onions, parsnips, cauliflower rice, tbsp ghee on top

Workout #2

Post workout boiled egg sweet potato

meal3 All cooked in coconut oil shrimp,brussel sprouts,sunflower seeds, sun dried tomatos, 1/2 serving fruit

I just want to check in and make sure I'm on the right track. Thanks

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PRE workout we recommend protein and fat so do eat the entire egg, all the good stuff is in the yolk!

POST workout we recommend protein and carbs, NO fat so that is where you would be well to eat just the egg white with your sw potato.


Your meal content looks fine, it's a bit hard to tell what your serving sizes are though so do make sure that you are matching the template (linked below) and that you are getting 4-5 hours between meals.   :)

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