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Dairy allergy timeline?


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Weird title, I know. I have to settle a disagreement my husband and I are having... a little information first...


Finished my Whole 30 on Tuesday the 17th. Had maybe 1/2 C of Ben & Jerry's ice cream Wednesday evening after dinner. And a couple of sips of my husband's coffee with cream in it around 3-ish, probably. Had a little bit of bathroom *ahem* issues Thursday morning. Nothing awful. This morning *Friday*, bathroom issues were much worse. I didn't have any dairy Thursday.


The disagreement is such: I think that the issues on Friday were an effect of Wednesday's dairy. My husband doesn't think it was. He thinks it was some spicy chicken I had for lunch on Thursday. (I have had the chicken several times during my Whole 30 and it isn't even all that spicy.)


So... if someone could help me settle this disagreement, I would be grateful. Not only because I could rub it in his face get an answer, but because my ice cream was soooooo good and if dairy is going to do this to me, I really need to evaluate when/if I eat it. Thank you, all!

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When you retest you might want to try a more pure form a dairy. I'm going to wager a guess that the Ben & Jerry's had both Soybean oil and carrageenan in it so not the best dairy test you could do. 

Yes, it did. I was so excited that I found the flavor I was looking for, I didn't read the ingredients until I was actually eating it... duh.


So, sounds like a retest is in order. Thank you, everyone!

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