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second cup of coffee?


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Hi all,

I'm on Day 6. Doing great, eating well. I'm tired today which is very normal it seems. And I'm cranky, but that usually goes along with being tired in my case.

Um. I would like to have another cup of coffee today (it is well before 12 pm still). Would that interfere with what my body is working through? I always limit my caffeine to one cup in the morning, but today could use the second cup because, as I mentioned, I'm so tired.

I've really enjoyed the Whole30 so far; I really needed this.



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If you love coffee, and possibly enjoy it as I do as an aperitif, I suggest investing in a Nespresso or like machine. A shot of espresso has much less caffeine than a cup of coffee and I find far easier to enjoy than a cup of bitter black coffee. It's helped me kick my cup of morning coffee. That being said I've never craved coffee. I'd only have one in the morning, and multiple cups at night because not only did I like the taste but I stay up late. I only have 1 or 2 shots at most and doesn't keep me wired like coffee would.

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