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Long-distance cycling


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I like to ride my bike for 4-6 hours at the weekend, sometimes longer. My glycogen levels are done for after 90 minutes or so, and I fuel myself using SIS Go Bars and energy drinks. These appear to be no-nos in the programme, so I'm looking for advice from others how I can fuel.


The energy bars I use provide around 250 calories each, but bananas are only arond 50-100 calories. How many bananas would I need to take to keep fueled? Answer: lots, and they would be too bulky.


I live i the UK so the rx bars in the book aren't available to me.


Any ideas?



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When I cycle make my own food. I pack Dates filled with Almond butter or Sweet potato (fits in your back pocket) can add almond butter. Depending on the length of the ride will determine the amount of fuel to pack. Epic bars are a good source of protein. Sweet potato/fruit pouches work great too (aka baby-food pouches). Some other easy food to pack- cashews, larabars (can make your own). 

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