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I did it! Day 31


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Well folks, I made it. Honestly I can't believe I made this commitment and did a full 30 days of strict Paleo eating. Thoughts / Reflections:


-5 lb weight loss. I wasn't really looking to lose weight per se, but it is nice to be a little leaner.

- inches loSt. I unfortunately don't own a measuring tape, but I definitely shrunk, lol. My clothes fit better, people keep telling me how much weight I lost, and my chest decreased, something I appreciate after nursing 2 kids.

- my mood has definitely improved!! I am definitely more upbeat and happier.

- my energy level increased. I need all the energy I can get to chase after a 2 year old! I also have more energy when I exercise and work out better.

- I have significantly reduced my sugar cravings. This has been a huge challenge for years.

-I love and forgive myself. Woah

- I model positivery behaviors for my family. My husband has definitely gotten healthier and my 2 year old ate salad for dinner last night! That is pretty cool in my book.


- huge time commitment to preparing food. After a long day it is challenging to do. 2 hour food prep. ... aaahhh.

- I really need to use self control, if not eliminate nut butters and dried fruit from,my diet. At nigbt, when I get tired and peckish, I can eat a lot of that stuff. then I inevitably get diarrhea the next day. yuck.

- I need to eat more at meals. I really need to stick to template.

Anyway... I hope to continue doing W30 as best as possible. I really don't plan to make exceptions unless for whatever reason i randomly decide to from time to time. As you can see, the pros are just amazing, and the cons are things I can iron out as time goes on.

you guys are all awesome for doing W30 and I wish everyone the best of luck!

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