Next official Whole30?

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This is not really an announcement but was hoping it would generate one :) Does anyone know when the next official Whole30 is going to be?

Hi Fatima, the site wide Whole30 runs twice a year, January and July, typically. There are always new Whole30 groups starting throughout each month though, you can check them out in the Join The Whole30 section of our forum.

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8 hours ago, Champion said:

I hope if there is one in August I want to be part of the group as I do better in a group setting. Let me know!

There are groups of people starting Whole30 all the time, even when there isn't an official one planned. The main difference is that during the official ones, the social media feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will post topics that are specific to the particular day everyone is on, and sometimes there are giveaways or some of the Whole30 Approved companies will offer discounts.

If you're wanting to start sooner than August, look in the Join the Whole30 section of the forum for threads starting around the date you want to start:

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