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Travel During Reintroduction


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This is a two part question:


First, my Whole 30 will be over on April 9th, and the only food groups I'm planning on reintroducing are gluten-free grains, and dairy. I don't miss the other food groups (besides sugar, but my goal is to avoid sugar for the long-term except for very special occasions), so I don't see the point in reintroducing them if they make me 'less healthy.' Does this make sense, or should I go through the full introduction process? I've read several articles and posts on similar topics, and I know that I don't have to reintroduce anything I don't want to, but I'm just wondering if I should follow the full reintroduction schedule to see if I am sensitive to the other food groups anyway. 


Second, I will be travelling on days 2 and 3 of reintroduction, so I will remain completely Whole 30 compliant. I have stocked up on Yawp bars, RxBars, and Primal Packs, so that I will have portable compliant snacks, but I don't want to survive on these alone. I do not eat these products now, but I felt like it was a good idea to have some protein/fat options to keep with me. I am also planning on bringing plenty of vegetables, roasted chicken, fruit, and hard boiled eggs, so that I can have compliant food in the hotel room. I'm a little worried that since my 30 days will be technically over by then that I'm going to allow myself to eat non-compliant foods when dining out with my family. 


I think what I'm looking for on both topics is maybe some advice from people who have lived through this already? This is my first Whole 30, and as much as I love how I feel now, and I'm truly enjoying this experience (90% of the time lol) I'm a little apprehensive about what will happen when the 30 days is over. 



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On the reintro note, it is handy to retest all the foods you would ever consider eating again for which you are not aware of your reactions.


For me, dairy and I clash, no need to reintroduce.  I will never allow soy to pass these lips again so no point in reintroducing that.  It's really up to you.  If you hate beans of all kinds and never intend to eat them, pass.  If you think you might like to eat a chili with beans in it one day, maybe you should intro?


The travel thing is hard.  If you really and truly want to stay compliant and you feel as though the end of your "30" is going to open the gates while you are away, perhaps you aren't done yet.  Maybe you are actually going to do a Whole45 and then work on your reintroductions?  ;)

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