No Netflix April 2015

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I got the Kill Your TV message from my daily whole30 day-27 email.


I haven't had cable TV in over a decade and I actually didn't even have a TV-screen for a while. I have a screen now for watching movies and for my dad to watch football when he visits. For that, and for Netflix... on binge mode. I hit go and leave it on in the background while I'm doing pretty much anything in the house. I don't necessarily pay attention to what is on, but I can recognize, I have a problem.


So I declare, for the month of April, I will not watch Netflix (or Amazon Prime, etc.) to pass the time. I will not pretend that because it's on my computer, it doesn't count as TV. I will not be angry if people "spoil" the plot for the shows I am not watching. And after 30 days, I will consider treating shows worth watching as a series again, allowing myself one per week on a given day of the week. And although, i'm not into journaling, I will make a list of things that should get done and do them instead.


Please comment if you feel the same way.


To a better lifestyle.

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Just over a week ago I removed my TV & wireless network from my home. I got so fed up with my kids & me if I'm honest being glued to a screen whether it be a phone, TV, x-box, whatever, it was annoying me so after many threats to curb their browsing/gaming, which were ignored, I just got rid of them. They though I was bluffing  :P . I've told them it is for one month but I am enjoying being TV free so much I might just extend that to longer. So far I have not missed it at all and my facebook habit is being starved much like I starved my bread habit.

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