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Early and never ending period....


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Day 15 of my Whole30!  Woo halfway!


I started my cycle probably 4 days early (and I am on the pill). I'm not about a week into it and it is STILL GOING. My period usually lasts 5 or so days max, and by the end it's minimal. This is just as heavy and flowing as it was when it started! I would have thought being on the pill would not make the food effect me but I Guess I was wrong....?

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Unfortunately the pill is just one source of hormones, your body produces its own also. Doing the Whole30 rebalances most of the body's processes including hormone production. It's possible that your body is in the midst of rebalancing and is actually creating enough hormone to override what the BC Pill is telling it to do.


It should level out, but as always, if you think you need to, seek medical attention, no one here is a medical professional.

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Just wanted to chime in that I am going through the exact same thing. Period came over a week early, usually lasts 6-7 days max tapering out at the end. 10 days later it's still going strong. Trying to wait it out and see what happens. This also happened to my friend who did the Whole30. It must be all the hormnonal shifts! Ugh :(

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