Do I need the Success Guide? Also where are the printable resource pdfs located?

Julie Quates

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There is all sorts of great information on the Resources page. It's found under the "Start Here" tab. Here is a link...

Link for PDF of Whole30 program is at the bottom of this link...

IMHO, if you have "It Starts With Food" then that is the most up to date source of information and contains all you need to do this program. The Success Guide e-book was around before ISWF which is why some of us have it. I bought it for my Whole30 earlier this year. The forum wasn't here for my first Whole30 either but I loved having it this time. I just finished Whole30 #2 yesterday and I found this forum to be very helpful when any questions came up. With a general search of the forum or a simple post in my Whole30 log, I was able to get the answers I needed without ever formally posting a question. :)

Especially for the "Can I Have" part of the forum, just about any question you might have has probably already been addressed and can quickly be answered with a search.

Best of luck to you for your Whole30!

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