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Whole30 no 2


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I finished the first 30 days yesterday (my first whole30), but I want to do it again and make some improvements. I made a few mistakes (fishing out kidney beans/ sweet corn from otherwise compliant food, cough medicine in the first week, then a stupid slip up eating out where I was super careful with most of the food but ate a few probably non-compliant frozen potato wedges).

I started the Whole30 to try to break a dependency on sugar, which I think was feeding bad moods and anxiety. I have been a lot more level since cutting out sugar almost 3 months ago. I have enjoyed the Whole30 and learnt a lot about cooking on the fly and jmprovising, in particular realising that I didn't need to cook proper recipes constantly (though I am keen to try some new recipes out as well)

I was pretty strict with the meal template for the first 3 weeks, but a bit more fruit and nut butters / Nakd bars have crept in a little bit during the last week. So I would quite like to call today Day 1 and post my meals for the sake of accountability. Hopefully it may keep me away from nut butter too!! I may also log energy levels / sleep / mood etc as I think I would find that helpful.

Hopefully no horrid withdrawal this time round since I've just had 30 days almost clean!

Day 1

Breakfast- half courgette, kale, mushrooms, 1 diced sweet potato fried in coconut oil. Three fried eggs. Half an avocado. Black coffee.

Green tea.

Lunch - Red Thai curry (beef, mushroom, spinach) with cauliflower rice and toasted cashews.

Dinner will be roast chicken, roasted kale, roasted sweet potato and white potato. I'll post any changes/additions later.

Oh and I am also trying to consciously add fat again, I think I had let that slip a bit as felt like I was getting through so much oil in cooking. Think that has been leading to the nut butter incidents!

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Just weighed myself (I know technically day 2, but we don't own scales and I wanted to know where I was at, weightwise, following the first Whole30). I don't know what I lost as haven't weighed myself since before becoming pregnant, but I am 123lbs and 5'7". Which seems a little light to me, I haven't weighed less than 126lbs since I was about 18!! Definitely not since children. And I'm now 34.

Anyway I am not hungry and don't think I am depriving myself, so will keep going and maybe if I incorporate some exercise I will start to build muscle a bit.

Day 2 - breakfast 3 fried eggs, 1 sweet potato, 1 beetroot, cup of mushrooms, kale, all fried in coconut oil. Half an avocado and bite of an apple (to start it off for my one year old) and bite of a banana (to finish it for my one year old!).

Lunch - citrus chicken, watercress, Jerusalem artichoke, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, half an avocado, paleo mayo that didn't thicken up properly.

Not sure about dinner, I don't feel very hungry, lunch was late as was waiting for my neighbour to come round to eat with me. Thinking about making 'chocolate' beef chilli and maybe some more crispy kale.

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Day 3

Breakfast- palm sized portion of minced pork, 2 fried eggs, carrots, sweet potato, kale all fried in coconut oil. Coffee with 1/3 can coconut milk whisked up and cinnamon (oh my! Quite SWYPO but I am trying so hard to add fat and had run out of avocados, my usual addition, and I have managed 32 odd days of black coffee so I reckon I'm ok...)

Green tea

Lunch - in cafe, omelette with tomato, tuna and mushroom, small side salad, drizzled olive oil all over it.

Dinner will be tarragon chicken in coconut cream with mushrooms and zoodles.

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Day 4:

Breakfast - palm sized portion of leftover beef/carrot chilli, two eggs, mushrooms, sweet potato, kale and courgette, all fried up together in coconut oil. Coffee with coconut milk / cinnamon and bite of banana.

Lunch - king prawns, half an avocado, handful of pumpkin seeds / sliced almonds, spinach, lettuce, celery, apple, radishes. Balsamic and EVOO dressing.

Dinner - will be sea bass fillets, roasted sweet and/or white potatoes, kale. Half an avocado with it.

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Very hungry on day 4, added a mini meal before bed (2 eggs with paleo mayo, spinach, apple, mug of chicken bone broth).

Meant I wasn't quite so hungry starting day 5 though, struggled a bit to finish breakfast which is unheard of!

So day 5: 2 fried eggs, most of a boiled egg (leftover from four year old), apple, sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke, carrot all fried in coconut oil. Portion of leftover chicken/mushroom/leek. Coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon.

Lunch is packed as out at friends - avocado, carrot, tomato, spinach leaves, flaked almonds, tin of tuna mixed with paleo mayo.

Dinner, prob more leftover chicken with stirfried veggies for me, it's my husband's bday so doing a party tea for him/children involving pizza and cake!

Need a green tea as sleep last night was rubbish, 14 month old teething and waking up screaming every hour. Appetite feels odd, I am either ravenously hungry or absolutely stuffed, I don't seem to be able to get comfortably satisfied! I am playing around a bit with fat portion and if in doubt adding more, I don't want to lose more weight over the next 25 days, though if I can manage to start exercising and tone up a bit / build muscle, I'd be very pleased!! Also.... We have just booked a short holiday three days after I finish my second Whole30, not sure reintroduction of foods is going to be quite as systematic as I had planned!

At the moment candidates for reintroduction are likely to be porridge oats, full fat dairy (milk, Greek yoghurt, maybe cheese), beans, sweet corn, peas, lentils. I would LOVE to stay mostly sugar free as I think that is the biggest trigger for my moods/anxiety/anger.

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Day 6:

Breakfast 3 eggs, palmsized portion of pork mince, courgette, mushroom, sweet potato, kale (all fried in coconut oil). Half a banana and most of a small apple. Coffee and coconut milk.

Green tea and another apple mid-morning.

Lunch: Chinese leaf, fennel, leek and carrot stirfried together. Palm sized portion of smoked mackerel served with pink grapefruit and small handful of cashews.

Dinner: Salmon and sweet potato fishcakes, roasted kale, red pepper, paleo mayo.

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Appetite is more level today, but it is hard for me to gauge whether I NEED an avocado with one meal so I'm not hungry later, or whether that will tip the balance to feeling stuffed. I find it really hard to judge, but I am erring on the side of eating more! I am nursing and sleep is sometimes quite broken, too, and I think that is probably a big part of why my appetite fluctuates so much day to day.

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Day 7:

Breakfast: Mushrooms, kale, potatoes, courgette, 3 eggs, all fries in coconut oil. Fruit salad (one fistful) incl kiwi, nectarine, banana. One avocado, coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Smoked mackerel, tuna with paleo mayo, lettuce, carrot, beetroot, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, balsamic and EVOO

Dinner: Ginger stirfried beef, kale, beetroot and curried okra. I may have some fruit in a bit, also I didn't really add fat besides coconut oil so should prob eat the avocado too! Bath/bedtime for children first...

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Day 8:

Breakfast: 2 compliant pork sausages, 2 fried eggs, sweet potato, beetroot, carrot and kale, coffee and coconut milk

Lunch: Smoked mackerel, stirfried carrot and kale, paleo mayo

Dinner: 'chocolate' beef chilli, cherry tomatoes, roasted kale, cherry tomatoes.

Odd bite of fruit here and there, not much though, just a couple of grapes and bite of pear. Hmmm, just realised have had kale for every meal today, I am slightly obsessed! Veg box arriving tomorrow, good thing as nearly out of veg, as well as a chicken carcass to make chicken bone broth.

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Day 9:

Breakfast: 2 sausages, 2 eggs, beetroot, sweet potato, kale, black coffee, half an avovado

Lunch: Not enough as was out longer than expected... 1.5 avocados, a few pumpkin seeds, can of salmon and some cherry tomatoes. Not awful but the hardest thing I am finding is when plans change when out and about, I literally didn't have anything else I could eat and was at a playdate with my daughter where only cheese sandwiches and crisps were available. At least I did pack the above. 2 cups black coffee.

Dinner: Salmon fillets, kale, roast potato, roast sweet potatoes, broccoli, paleo mayo and an apple.

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Breakfast- 2 sausages, 2 eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots, leeks, all fried in coconut oil. Black coffee.

Lunch, absolutely rubbish, ended up needing to feed kids when out and ordered a plain baked potato, salad and pulled pork which I was told was just meat. It arrived and it was obviously dressed in some sticky dressing, so I ended up taking about two bites of potato from the plain side, husband ate the rest, and I waited till 4pm when we got home to eat. I hate getting caught out. 4pm lunch leftover beef chilli, tomatoes and avocado. Luckily breakfast kept me going 7 hours but it wasn't really ideal.

Dinner will be more salmon, potatoes, veg and mayo, as yesterday.

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Day 12.

Breakfast- fried chicken giblets (gulp, they were interesting, but challenging for breakfast!). With three fried eggs, carrots, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke

Lunch - out, one beef burger, few slices of avocado and salad. Too little for lunch really but I had a few cashews later.

Dinner - sea bass fillets, kale, cauliflower and mayo. Piece of banana, apple and grapes.

Dinner 2 - small bowl of chicken soup made with bone broth

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Really miserable today. Terrible sleep and grumpy baby, poorly child, all meals delayed and at wrong times as sorting out doctors etc, breakfast was a great portion then DH ate half of it!

Dinner wasn't till 9 as couldn't get baby to sleep, I actually cried as was so hungry. And I will be going to bed within two hours of eating, unless I am to get even more tired and grumpy!

That said now I have had a proper meal and big cup of water, I do feel better. I am really scared about how if I don't seem to follow W30 precisely my moods are shockingly awful. Makes me wonder what reintro will be like...

Anyway, breakfast: 3 eggs, not enough veg as DH took some of it (Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes, kale), coffee with coconut milk, a few raspberries

Lunch: Bit yuck, two small jacket potatoes with mayo, chicken and carrots from bone broth soup (the solid parts less the bones!), chicory with balsamic and EVOO. Looking back, not sure my protein was enough actually. Terrible mood all afternoon.

Belated dinner: Beef, mushroom, cashew, bamboo shoots in Thai red curry, cauliflower 'rice', apple with tbsp of nut butter. Only meal that has really hit the spot today.

Challenge now is what to do with red cabbage, four leeks, loads of onions and not a lot else.... For breakfast tomorrow!

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Predictably, red cabbage, leeks and cauliflower for breakfast. Not the nicest but topped with 3 fried eggs it was ok. Black coffee.

Leftover beef curry with cashews/mushrooms and more red cabbage / leek for lunch. Looked absolutely disgusting but ok.

Mid afternoon green tea out with daughter.

Stocked up on food this afternoon so steak, fried kale, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and a few carrots that I found in our vegetable patch from last year... Remarkably they were still yummy, despite being there all winter!! Followed by a banana and grapes.

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Day... 16?

B: 2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, sweet potato, kale, yellow pepper, all fried in ghee. Plum. Two cups of coconut cream and cinnamon coffee.

L: 'chocolate' beef chilli with red peppers, tomatoes, avocadoes, raspberries, blueberries. Had friends over for lunch and no urge to eat the icecream they were having. Also made pizza and gingerbread with children, not even tempted, though enjoyed making a mess with them anyway (and had to get husband to 'test' the gingerbread!)

D: Salmon, broccoli, kale, olive oil.

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Day 18 and not much appetite today, though actually haven't left house/garden so that could be why (compared to my usual running around). Also terrible sleep last night, read too late and was cold and toddler woke frequently then early.

Anyway, breakfast was 3 fried eggs,.fried mushrooms, potatoes, fennel, carrots, two coffees, small avocado

Lunch leftover beef chilli, red peppers, red cabbage, 1/2 small avocado

Dinner burger, roasted kale, tomatoes and 1/2 small avocado

Not hungry but think an apple might stop me feeling quite so sick (not sure why but going with it...)

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