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anyone know what the 'natural flavourings' in Twinings green tea are?


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The flavoured varieties (e.g. Green tea and peach blossom). I emailed the company about two weeks ago and haven't had a reply. I have avoided and just had the green jasmine tea as that doesn't contain any 'natural flavourings', but I have finished that box and have a load of the peach blossom stuff that I would like to drink if it's compliant.

Just wondering if anyone else knows!

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Officially, we accept "natural flavors" as compliant during a Whole30. I make a point of buying from vendors who reveal what is in their products more clearly, but I would drink a cup of tea at a friend's house if the ingredient list included natural flavors. 

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Ah, they just replied. But I am no clearer really .... They wrote:

In response to your enquiry I can confirm that our Peach & Cherry Green tea contains natural ingredients from the named fruit together with natural flavourings from other sources. The name of the product is to give an indication of the predominant flavour characteristics that are delivered with the product. A number of our infusions are complex blends of ingredients that have been carefully combined to give the optimum balance and depth of flavours, aromas and body.

The use of natural flavourings rather than actual fruit pieces allows us to deliver much more intense tastes and aromas than any dried fruit could give on its own. The fruit tastes are delivered through concentrated natural flavourings. These will be produced mainly from those named fruits, taking the natural components that give the fruit their flavour, thereby delivering intense flavour.

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A tv program here in The Netherlands did an investigation what the natural aroma's (flavorings) in Lipton tea was... turned out to be something a bit chewing gum like, and after analysing that is was... sugar. This was in a lot of tea but surprisingly enough also the unflavoured green tea,
Don't know if you can watch it abroad, you probably can't understand the language, but here is a link: http://keuringsdienstvanwaarde.kro.nl/seizoenen/2014/afleveringen/23-01-2014
It pretty much speaks for itself.

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Twinings came back to me again and said:

All flavourings are complex blends of flavouring materials from many sources. The exact source of all the flavouring materials is proprietary information for the manufacturer of that flavour.

Twinings do not permit the inclusion of any of the allergens that require declaring under EU allergen labelling regulations in their flavours. These include:

Cereals containing gluten










Sesame seeds

Sulphur dioxide



All our teas and infusions are formulated not to include these components and their derivatives

Some of our flavourings do include sugar, as a carrier, but the level in the final product is extremely low. For example in the Peach and Cherry Blossom Green Tea, there is 0.004% sugar (which meets the legal definition of ‘sugars free’) in the final brewed product. None of our UK blends contain any sweeteners.

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I am drinking the plain green tea since I cant tell from that whether the natural flavourings are in fact compliant or not!

Officially, we accept "natural flavors" as compliant during a Whole30.

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