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My Whole30 AAR


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Well, folks–it's almost time. I have one more day to go of the Whole30. Just one more day. Honestly, it feels weird to imagine life without this program. Drinking on the weekend with friends, what?? Seems foreign now.

Thought I'd share with you my Whole30 After Action Report (AAR). The organizers were kind enough to provide this helpful work sheet as a part of today's Whole30 Daily newsletter and it will hopefully walk you through some of my reflections:

What Went Well

  • Planning my lunches (I can't stress enough how key it was to plan a COMPLETE lunch)
  • Cooking dinners at home (I quickly learned that dining out on the Whole30 was mission impossible)
  • Reaching for mineral water during social outings (I felt kind of sophisticated too)
  • Eliminating temptations at work and home (Thankfully, Dave was supportive and basically did the program with me)
  • Sticking to a routine
  • Talking to others about the program (At a certain point, people began to notice my changed physique and it felt great to explain what I was doing/how I was feeling)
  • Making my own mayo (Should explain itself)

What Could Have Gone Better

  • Packing more complete lunches (There were a few times when I half-assed my lunch and I considered chewing my arm off at 4:00 p.m.)
  • Eating less fruit (I never thought I'd say this, but my body would feel heavy if I had more than two servings of fruit per day)
  • Staying dedicated to my original outlined notes (i.e., made it to more yoga classes, read more or meditated)

What I'll Do In The Future, To Keep Doing Better

  • I'll keep focusing on being the best possible version of me
  • I'll be more mindful of how certain foods make me feel (both good and bad)
  • I'll avoid drinking more than twice a week
  • I'll virtually eliminate beer and gluten consumption
  • I'm planning to take up other “30s†(i.e. Sister30, Double-Under30, Blogging30 – dedicating myself for 30 days to something that will improve my life)

Read more @: http://rebellefitnes...30/whole30-aar/

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This is great! Thanks for sharing! I see on your blog that you are also doing some Yoga! I am really interested in working this into my routine but haven't been able to figure out when I should do it. Currently do crossfit 5 days a week (weekdays) with sat and sun off. Thinking of replacing one day a week with hot yoga but not sure!

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Great post! Sounds like you made the most of your Whole30.

The hot yoga studio here has a 30 days challenge in October that I think I might be inspired to try now. It's not conveniently located for me, but I'm learning with Whole30 that if you want to make something happen, you will.

Love the idea of taking on more "30s'"!

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