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I have been searching for a compliant wasabi paste or powder. The Ready-mix one I have is loaded with non-compliant ingredients, and the wasabi oil I have is in a base of rape seed oil. The powder I have is wasabi + F.D.&C. Blue No. 1 and F.D.&C. Yellow No. 5. The powder might be the closest to compliant. I have also looked in several Asian markets. My next step will be to see if I can find fresh wasabi, but I'd still like to have a product I can store and bring with me when going out for sushi. Has anyone else found a compliant wasabi?

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Does anyone know where can I get these wasabi? And all 3 wasabi listed above is compliance right? Anyone tried these brands? Which is the best one?


Products vary from one region to another so you'll have to go shopping and read the ingredients on the specifc products you're thinking about buying. If the label says "horseradish, wasabi, mustard" then yes, all three of those ingredients are compliant.


Have you read the program rules? It's pretty straight-forward regarding what's allowed and there's also an additive cheat sheet to help you identify ingredient deal breakers.

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