Day One September 1 - HELP


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Hi everybody,

So this will be my second Whole30 attempt. I just reread It Starts With Food and I am so motivated to feel better and get healthier. I have awful arthritis, I'm tired all of the time, my weight fluctuates way more than it should, I'm obsessed with food and calorie counting and losing weight and I just need to give my body (and brain) a serious break.

My big issue is that I'm a publicist for chefs (which, such a fun job) but it also means that I am eating in restaurants 3-4 days per week. Unfortunately, this is not optional. I can't just not go or not eat for 30 days - it's part of my job duties. However, I can avoid gluten and make special requests and not drink.

I guess...I'm just nervous. Has anybody else had success when they have to eat at restaurants while on Whole30?


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I like to find a grilled protein and add double steamed veggies to the side. Ask for a salad and get a bottle of Evoo and some red wine vinegar. You can dress the veggies and the salad with the evoo. You can also make a salad dressing before and keep it with you for these occasions. Most restaurants will work with you these days. You can ask questions as to preparation of foods and ease your mind. Now granted the proteins may not be wild caught or grass fed, but you can make a better informed choice. Hopefully that helps.

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To keep it safe and easy and know that there is nothing i don't want on my food, I tend to order a protein dry grilled with no seasoning and add my own salt and pepper at the table. And I generally ask for a big salad of fresh veggies (never know what roasted ones are coated with), fruit and nuts (not candied) but no cheese or croutons. If I see oranges, cranberries or peanuts on the menu in any of the salads, then I specify I don't want them. Dried cranberries and mandarin oranges have sugar and peanuts are out. Once I explain the no dairy, soy, legumes, or grains issue, then they just make up a big salad with what they have. Most servers have been very nice about it and I usually end up with some really yummy combos. I really love my salads because I get more veggies with my salad than the sad little 5 spears of asparagus or 4 broccoli florets most restaurants tend to give with a meal. ;)

This may get boring for you but I don't eat out as often. I just hate to send the server back to the kitchen to ask for specifics about food preparation because there is still no guarantee the information you get will be accurate. I have a friend that has been to the emergency room several times because his server assured him there were no pine nuts in a dish and he ordered it. He is highly allergic. If you are eating in fine dining establishments instead of chain restaurants, then I would probably feel more comfortable about getting good information about food preparation.

Good luck on your Whole30. It's an awesome program!

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