Whole30 daily email did not arrive

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This is not technically a problem with following the program, but I signed up for the daily emails and the $14.95 was paid.  I have really been enjoying them and have a number of useful tips, plus a few LOLs.  I hit the "I did it" link every night before bed, and look forward to reading the new day's message in the morning. 

Then, waaaa!  I did not get today's, Day 11, and can't find any way to notify that website about the problem.  Does anyone have any info about this?  (And yes, I checked my spam folder, etc...it just did not make it into my inbox today.)


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I know this thread is a little old, but I signed up for the daily whole30 newsletters and am not receiving them either.  I received day 1, but not day 2.  I tried emailing the [email protected] email address twice, but both times the email was sent back to me denied by the whole9life.com server.  

Let me check with head office for you!

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