Starting April 6th!


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Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea and I have been going back and forth on doing a Whole30 since July of last year! During the last month or so i have researched, read ISWF again, stalked the #whole30 hashtag on instagram and have just read so much about the program. I am getting married in September and decided this is something my fiance and  i need to do to look and feel great for our wedding! I have tried many diets in the past and never really got anywhere. I know the Whole30 is not all about weight loss so i am definitely not going into it expecting that, although i've heard most people do lose weight! I mostly just want to feel amazing and healthy! We have been experimenting over the last couple weeks with whole30 complaint recipes and trying to be as compliant as possible before we officially start April 6th!! I am so excited to finally do this!!! 

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