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Retired College Athletes


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Hello All,

My friend and I are excited/nervous to start the whole30. To introduce ourselves we are both 21 year old soon to be graduating seniors who play ice hockey for our school.Since hockey has just ended we have decided to focus on our bodies and instead of doing intense lifting and carbing to focus more on cardio and this whole30!

The struggle for us will be that we like many of you have busy schedules, but I don't always have access to a kitchen (I live in a dorm, she luckily lives in a house so we can cook there). We also are concerned with whole foods cost seeing as we are the typical poor college kids.And lastly all though we hate to admit it the no alcohol policy will be hard but we are our support systems.

We look to any fellow athletes or spinners, because we will be taking spinning classes during this time for any advice, tips,easy to do recipes.

We are hoping to start changing our lifestyle for the better. We start tomorrow!

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