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Mamatutu does W60


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Well here I am on Day 31 and really not feeling the need to stop.  I love eating this way, I don't feel restricted or burdened by it as it was not such a radical change from my normal way of life before W30. 


I'm glad to have broken my love affair with artificial sweeteners and feeling the benefits of saying farewell to dairy (no mucus throat or spots). 


I'm sleeping wonderfully well and waking pre alarm most mornings but feel this can still improve more (no display screens an hour before bed ). 


I already dropped a dress size in my first 30 days and could stand to lose another. 


So I decided a few days ago to carry on and complete a W60.  My only caveat this time is not to lean on potatoes as my comfort eating crutch and to lose starchy veg from my dietary equation for a few weeks.




Day Thirty One:  30/3/15


M1 = eggs, bacon, kale and cabbage

M2= bone broth with a selection of left over veggies and shredded chicken (this is my last time eating sweet potatoes for a while)

M3= not decided yet as off to the supermarket after work.

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Good for you for continuing on!

I would just like to caution that some people find that when they cut out starchy veggies completely, it can affect mood. Some people report increased anxiety or feelings of depression, sleep may be affected, and at certain points in a woman's cycle she may find herself craving carbs because there are points in your cycle where your body truly needs extra energy. You may not have any of these feelings, but if you do, please remember that there is nothing wrong with eating starchy vegetables, and you can continue to lose weight while you eat them. Definitely try this experiment for yourself, but please be open to changing your plan if you realize you really don't feel as good or aren't sleeping as well.

Good luck to you on your next 30 days!

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Day thirty Two:  31/3/15


M1 = Banana and almond butter. Felt tried and grumpy this morning.  I know this wasn't my best choice :(

M2 = Smoked Salmon and avocado salad

M3 = Lamb stew with carrots, cabbage and kale


Someone I've not seen in 6 weeks said I've lost weight today.  I'm not feeling it as I'm puffed up with PMT bloat but it's good to know it's noticeable.

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Day Thirty Three:  1/4/15


M1 = had a dentists appointment at 8.30 and didn't want to eat before that. The dentist was running late so I was quite late getting in to work and straight in to a meeting.... bye bye M1 :(

M2 = left over lamb stew

M3 = Chicken Thai green curry with cauliflower rice

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