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Struggling a bit on Day 9


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I'm going to try posting here again even though no one responded to my first post on Day 3. :(

Anyway, I've been doing really well here on my first W30. I have stayed strong to all the rules, avoided some temptations and even nitpicked a Thai restaurant about their sauces.

But I'm on Day 9 and just having a rough day. Nothing in particular is wrong or stressful. In fact, yesterday was extremely busy and I still did great yesterday. Today I am doing great, although I have eaten more fruit and nuts than I like. It's just that yesterday I had no desire for anything at the ice cream social they held here at work, but today I'm feeling more tempted to cheat. I am standing strong and holding my ground, but I just feel crummy. Almost Day 3 crummy.

Any advice?


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Hi Suzanne

Be strong

I too found day 9 really hard

I am on day 14 and yesterday was the first time I actually enjoyed my food

Some positive things i have noticed:

Sleep good,waking earlier refreshed

Clear skin

Happy mood

Looser clothing

When I feel like you are feeling I stalk all the posts looking for happy stories

This isn't an easy journey but I have been doing lots of research including talking to a gastroenterlologist....tummy doctor

And they all say this is the best way to eat

I bought my self some yummy herbal teas

And have started looking up interesting recipes

Hang in there.keep posting

Good on you for staying strong

I will listen


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Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for your reply! It really means a lot. I made it through yesterday...woo hoo!! Kinda dragging this morning, though. I am tired and have a headache. I have given up coffee while doing my W30 because I don't like to drink it without dairy or sweetener. The first few days were rough, but then I felt better. Just going through a rough patch again, I guess. I bought some Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint tea at the recommendation of someone on here and it is yummy, but I'm going to try different kinds for variety. Any particular ones you would suggest?

I come here when I'm struggling also to look for people in the same boat or those with success stories, like you said.

Thanks again for you post and good luck on your own journey. Is this your first W30?

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This is my first whole 30

But I ete what thought was a pretty healthy diet for years and then a few months ago i gave up

All sugar.that was an eye opener.I was eating so much sugar without realizing .on day one i had a detox headache.then I started the whole 30 and had another eye opener,i realized i was a carb addict

Most of the food I ate was carbs,

I thought healthy carbs eg bread ,crackers,lentils ,beans.I ate very little protein so this has been quite a struggle for me.

Anyway,I do enjoy the herbal teas. I went into a tea shop and they gave me many samples.i love the licorice one ,also like chai

Be careful tho as i found some had added sugar.if you can get vata tea it is excellent ...it is calming and tastes nice

Just keep reading the posts and writing whatever you feel

That keeps me going.and think of it as only 30 days

I never finish anything so thts the real challenge for me

You can do it.

I think it's a time for us to learn about finding pleasure from other things besides food,buy yourself a beautiful smelling candle,go a walk in a park,get a massage.just do something you love

Good luck

Love to hear from you

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I think this is probably more normal than not. That first week is a rollercoaster of emotions and there's a certain amount of triumph in "I CAN do this" - which we typically celebrate by consuming all sorts of what we considered 'goodies'. I'm only on Day 8 and have had some 'soul searching' because I, too, hit this little rough patch where I was considering food at a social function that I KNEW was not Whole30 approved. I found that going over my goals in my head helped tremendously, and knowing that I can not eat that food and be completely ok was sort of empowering. Try focusing on the positives! And best of luck! I'm rooting for ya!

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Suzanne - Hang in there. Each of us has a bad day from time to time. If you read through some of the logs on this forum you will find ups and downs throughout Whole30s and beyond. Buying a new fruit or veggie to try or kitchen tool helps perk me up from time to time. This week I bought Primal Pacs for occasional grab and go use.

Personally what I found is that it is one thing to commit to 30 days of this, but as good as it feels, the reality of continuing to eat this way for life was a huge struggle for me. I am pretty stubborn and was quite reluctant to give up certain foods permanently even though i knew it was the best thing for me. i eventually went back to all the bad foods following Whole30 #1. After many months, I started my last Whole30 (today is Day 35) knowing I wanted to make this permanent and that I would repeat multiple rounds of this program for as long as it takes to make it a natural habit for me to eat whole, unprocessed foods and avoid grains, sugar and dairy. It took months for me to get tthe mental clarity and focus I needed to do this again and it has been amazing this time. This program is not hard, but if it were really easy to change your life for the better and make it permanent, then everyone would do it and be healthy.

Even with struggles along the way, this program is worth it.

Best of luck to you as you complete your Whole30!!!!

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Welcome and yes, there are always good days and bad... Just hang in there.

Did you set yourself any goals at the beginning? If not, set them now. What are you hoping to accomplish?

Also, I'm not really a "group" type person in some ways, but logging my foods and thoughts as a journal here has been really really helpful. It keeps me focused and helps me see what I've done right, or wrong. You can also do this in your own journal if you prefer not to share things with total strangers:)

Hope today is a good one!

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Thank you all so much for the encouragement. I'm sorry I haven't been back here in a couple of days to read your responses! I'm still plugging along and I did get through that rough patch.

jhmomi - it's funny you mention that struggle with the idea that this is a permanent thing as that is what has been coming up for me in the last day or so. I have hit a good stride with my whole 30, but I find myself thinking, "So wait...I can NEVER have pizza again??!!" Kinda crazy to think about. I've always been better taking things one day at a time. The minute I start thinking I can't have things EVER AGAIN, I start to feel helpless. So I just keep on keeping on and try not to think about it that way.

Aberrantatavia, I'm so glad you asked about goals. I never did set them. I think I felt that I have done that a thousand times in my life, even writing them down and carrying them in my purse, but I never take them out or look at them and therefore they haven't done much for my resolve. I will work on them today as I do think they would be helpful in those times of crisis. And really logging my food and my thoughts would be a good idea, too.

Jenny, I had a social situation to navigate last night and it went so well - I was pleased. And then today I had a very stressful situation at work and I needed to get out of the building and clear my head a bit. I walked to the grocery store nearby, bought bananas, enjoyed the fresh air and came back to work. Normally, I would have bought something much less healthy than bananas!

So I'm on day 15 now, focusing on my successes and trying to stay strong through the tough moments. Today is a good day and I am happy to be tipping over the halfway mark of my 1st Whole 30!

Oh and Sarah - how are you doing? I've been experimenting with different teas and really learning to like tea more. I really had gotten more wrapped up in coffee and caffeine than I had realized. Thank you so much for the support.

I appreciate you all!

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Hi all

A few days ago I too had a sad moment when I thought of giving up all my favorite foods which I likened to old friends, especially when traveling

I posted my thoughts and Tom wrote such a wise reply

You can visit with old friends you just don't have to live with them

I think for me that is one of my goals: to get into the habit of eating like this most of the time but be able to have a treat on occasion

To say never eat that food again sounds awful

As i say to my daughter ,one step at a time

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Great to read through this thread...I'm on Day9 and even though much of this is feeling not-as-hard-as-I-imagined-it-to-be, I am starting to think about the "never haves" and that felt discouraging. Like tonight, for instance...my husband and I have a Sunday night ritual of football, laundry and great wines (during football season, anyway!) This will be the first time I'll have to pass on the nice big glass. I feel silly that I feel kind of sad about that. I mean, really, it's just a drink.

But...it's a choice, right?

And I'm trying to focus on the empowerment of that, instead of the deprivation of the other.

So I'm really happy to hear Tom's answer about visiting old friends. I'll just think about it that way. :)

Thanks to all for posting and sharing, providing encouragement -


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