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Day 31- My After Action Report


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What went well: 

The Whole30 program provided me with so many resources I was able to start thinking in a 'Whole30' way after the first week. Transitioning to coconut milk and cashew milk from my usual almond milk in my coffee was easy. I adjusted to eating so much food and looked forward to eating for the first time in a long time. I felt hunger pangs that were gradual and not ravenous and was able to identify boredom and mindless eating from actual hunger the first week. 


Before my Whole30, I was hesitant to try new things and found ghee to be really satisfying. Increasing the amount of sweet potatoes as a healthy starch also was a yummy and more nutritious option than white potatoes (although I did have those as well). 


By week three I found myself prepping one day a week and smooth sailing the rest. This helped a lot and I would definitely recommend taking the time one day of the week to prep at least your proteins and chopped veggies so that you literally can heat up your pan (or microwave) and concentrate on enjoying your meal. 


Even though you don't need to, signing up for the Whole30 emails and clicking "Another day in the bank" at the end of the day was motivating and the emails were informative and supportive.


What could have gone better: 

I made a goal of not eating with distractions, which is one of the tenets of doing a Whole30. This was extremely difficult for me. I was so used to eating in front of the TV or with a book/magazine that adjusting to this was one of the most difficult things that I had to do. I admit, my last week or so I definitely broke this rule, but tried to make sure that I still focused on the flavor of my food and the texture. I realized that while TV or my book made me feel like I wasn't eating alone, I definitely was not as satiated after those meals, leading to a less balanced plate due to the addition of a snack. 


I also found myself (around week 3) feeling the pull of Empty Plate Syndrome and began eating routine meals... and I got really, really bored. I didn't necessarily want to stop my Whole30 but I definitely felt very "Eh." about it. I realize that this was a part of ill-planning and laziness in shopping. 


What I'll do in the future, to keep doing better: 

I will continue to analyze those hunger 'pangs'.. is it boredom? Is a time where I normally have a handful of something? Am I emotionally responding to something uncomfortable and looking for a distraction... and most of the time that answer was yes... and eating was not the answer. 


I will continue to keep my eye on hidden sugars. I had no idea that there was sugars hidden in my medicines, my herbal teas and in the condiments that I assumed had 3-5 ingredients. 


I will continue to give my body what it needs to fuel it, not from habit but from intuition by mindfully eating and enjoying nourishment from foods that aren't processed. 


I will continue to not use a food as a reward, I am not a dog


I will continue to enjoy new recipes with whole foods. 


I will continue feeling like once I set my mind to something, I can do it

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