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Earlybird's first Whole 30 Log (30 March start)


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A few days ago I happened upon the MayDae blog and was so impressed by the change Whole 30 brought on.  I continued onto the website, ended up buying the book, signed up to the daily email yesterday and now here I am.  It's officially Day 2 and already feeling a bit foggy-headed.  Here we go!


Day 1, 30 March 2015


As I just started reading the book, I was caught off guard by the rule that we must eat Meal 1 within one hour of waking up.  I am not a breakfast person and typically have a milky coffee or two which will keep me going until lunch.  It feels strange for me to have to eat breakfast and also that I need to eat it before having my coffee.  I've been fine for ages without breakfast and actually feel better without, but will give this a try.  30 days to go!


Meal 1:  leftover roast beef, cabbage and one small potato, banana, coffee

Meal 2:  leftover roast beef, cabbage and one small potato.  (Can you tell i'm not fully prepared?)

Meal 3:  2 eggs fried in avocado oil, roast cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, grapes.


Feeling a bit tired.  Could also be because i've decided to reduce my coffee intake to one per day.


Day 2, 31 March 2015


Woke up for an early morning at work and was not prepared for breakfast.  I'm still a bit bothered that I need to eat before having my coffee.  I'll have to go back to the book and find out the reasoning for this.


7:30am Meal 1:  one small boiled potato (the last of the leftovers), coffee.  Unfortunately no time for an egg.


Headache, feeling foggy-headed at work.  I'm not sure if this is down to having only one coffee or carb withdrawal.  I'm usually fine without breakfast so it can't be the food.


1pm snack:  2 bananas, a bunch of grapes


at home, 3pm Meal 2:  smoked salmon, roast cabbbage, cauliflower


I stopped by the butchers on the way home and picked up a whole chicken.  Looking forward to Meal 3.


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Coffee is an appetite suppressant, so drinking coffee first thing in the morning can make you feel good about not eating until much later. However, the most direct way to get your hormones into their ideal rhythm is to eat breakfast within one hour of waking in the morning. Eating early has an effect with consequences that run all the way through to the quality of your sleep at night. Lots of people think that to improve their sleep they must work on doing certain things or avoiding certain things at bedtime. In reality, creating conditions for good sleep at night starts first thing in the morning. 

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Thanks Tom.  I will carry on with breakfast before coffee.  :-)


Day 2 continued...


Relief, my headache has gone.


Meal 3:  Poached chicken with ginger sauce.  Divine.  The remainder of the roast cabbage.  A few grapes.


After dinner I shredded the rest of the chicken for tomorrow and decided to try my hand at homemade mayonnaise.  I checked out Nom Nom Paleo's recipe which used a smaller amount of oil than the Whole 30 recipe and could be made by hand.  I was so proud to see it emulsify but disheartened when I tasted it.  Yuck!  The avocado oil I used was not to my taste.  I will have to give it a go again when I have some light olive oil.


All in all, a good learning day.  All ready for tomorrow!

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Day 3, 1 April 2015


Meal 1:  2 fried eggs(both of them had double yolks!) using clarified butter, smoked salmon, spinach, coffee


I have the day off so have some time to cook a proper meal.  In future I will prepare the spinach the night before and have it ready to go.    

Also baked 2 dozen oat and raisin cookies for a long road journey for the kids.  I thought it would be pure torture but it's been easy going.  No drooling! :-)

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Day 3 continued...


Snack:  banana


Meal 2:  poached chicken with ginger sauce, cauliflower, cucumber, grapes


I know i'm not supposed to have snacks but I have been starving between meals.


Snack:  pistachios, chicken


Meal 3:  hamburger, lettuce, homemade mayo, avocado, cauliflower, grapes, fig


Feeling tired today, and now a headache.  I will turn in early tonight and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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Feeling starving between meals is a good indication you need to increase your meal time portions of fat and/or protein. Adding avocado to meals is an easy way to do that. As is the homemade mayo, when you try again with a mild olive oil. That's what I use by the way, mild tasting light olive oil. I tried to make it once with a more robust oil and could barely choke it down! You've got the book, maybe reread the meal template, it can take some getting used to, but the w30 really encourages you to eat!

Great job baking those cookies for the kids without letting it get to you!

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Thanks for the tip Krista.  I did make a 2nd batch using light olive oil for last night's meal and it was sooo much better.  I also ended up buying a fully ripe avocado rather than waiting for the ones i have at home to ripen which seems to be taking forever.  I ended up eating the whole thing with last night's burger.


I am trying to stick to the palm sized protein amounts and filling the rest of the plate with veg.  I will now try upping the fat.


BTW, I have fond memories of Oregon as I used to live in Eugene years ago so nice to hear from an Oregonian!  :)  

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Day 4, 02 April 2015


Meal 1:  2 fried eggs, of which both had double yolks!  (These are from a local free range farm.  They must be happy chickens!!), spinach, and smoked salmon.


Comments:  Spinach reduces to almost nothing so will have to stock up daily.  I have decided not to eat fruit with this meal which I would like to reduce, and I am going to try killing my snacks off by upping the fat.  Let's see if it works.

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Day 4 continued...


Meal 2:  half beef/half pork burger, lettuce, avocado, cauliflower, small bit of coconut, handful of blueberries.


I gave into fruit.


I will not snack until dinner.  I will not snack until dinner.  I will not snack until dinner.

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Day 5, 03 April 2015


Meal 1:  2 eggs fried in clarified butter, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato, smoked salmon, handful of blueberries, one small fig, coffee.


Forgot to mention that yesterday I started having the munchies at work.  Usually I would grab a mint, a piece of fruit or a few nuts but luckily none were at hand so ended up drinking tea.   I do miss having something crunchy or crispy to munch on.


There is one last lonely banana in the fruit bowl.  I'm thinking of making a loaf of banana bread for the rest of the family and sticking it in the freezer.  Will I be torturing myself or will I be okay?  I do love to bake.


I will not snack until lunch.  I will not snack until lunch.  I will not snack until lunch.

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Baking is not advised during a w30. The lingo here is SWYPO, sex with your pants on, trying to create a conforming version of an old standard American diet staple, like bread. And I'm not sure there is a recipe out there that doesn't include a sweetener of some kind. The idea of a w30 is to eat food in it's most natural form.

I keep a tin of sardines and raw almonds in my desk for hunger pangs. But what works well for those dreaded munchies is herbal tea.

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Hi Krista,


The baking would be for the rest of the family who are not Whole30ing with me.  No worries, in the end I didn't want to spend even more time in the kitchen than I have been.


I had enough torture shopping at Costco today.  I was good and only bought veggies and some raspberries, even decided not to get cashews as I know i'd snack on them.  But passing the crisps aisle, my mouth started to water, and I nearly got a bag of veg crisps, but then my better half steered me away.  Whew!


I'm not sure how a tin of sardines would go down in my office.  I would probably feel self-conscious opening up a tin at work. :-)

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Day 5 continued...


Meal 2:  chicken with mayo, sweet potato, salad with olive oil and lemon juice, bone broth with egg stirred in


Meal 3:  half beef/pork burger, sweet potato, broccoli, coconut, raspberries, blueberries, fig.


I'm feeling a bit tired today but could be down to the rain and clouds.  Will turn in early tonight.

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Day 6, 04 April 2015


Slept in until 8am this morning!  The rest of the family are away at the in-laws and it's so quiet here...


Meal 1:  2 fried eggs, courgette and mushroom stir-fry on a bed of spinach, coffee.  No room for fruit today.


Feeling slightly tired and a small dull headache at the lower back of my head which comes and goes.  Possibly from the unaccustomed lie-in?

I have a load of work to do this weekend.  Sure hope I can get it done without too many cravings and daydreams about bad food.  Good luck to me. 

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Day 6 continued...


Meal 2:  smoked mackerel, broccoli with mayo, coconut, raspberries, blueberries, fig, green tea.


(Just figured out I can edit these posts so I don't have my meals spread out over 3 posts.  Doh!)


I felt a bit stuffed and lethargic working at my desk all afternoon so went out and started the Couch to 5k again.  Love Day 1.


Meal 3:  I was not looking forward to another leftover burger so sauteed some spinach, added some fat from my bone broth, broke up the burger patty into little bits and threw that in, squirted in some tomato paste, a spoonful of broth, and chucked an egg in for good measure.  At the last minute chopped up a tomato and threw that in to the mix as well.  Not bad.  Much better than the solid burger which is a bit tough.

Ate a sharon fruit (persimmon) as well.

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Day 7, 05 April 2015 - Happy Easter!


Slept well, just feeling a little bored with having to cook and eat breakfast.   :(


Meal 1:  smoked mackerel with sauteed spinach and mushrooms.  Replaced my usual coffee with assam tea - freshly brewed from tea leaves.


Enjoyed a nice long hike in the woods.  Credit to my geriatric dog who slows down my pace so I actually relax and digest it all in.


Meal 2:  the last and final pork/beef burger(thank goodness!), sauerkraut(love the crunchy sourness), roasted cabbage.  The meal was a bit bland in colour so had some raspberries and a persimmon at the end.  Last of the assam tea.  Feeling like I could use a nap.


Meal 3:  Bouillabaise!!

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Day 8, 06 April 2015 - Easter Monday


Stayed up too late watching Wallander, but still managed 6 hours restful sleep.  I am loving the light in the morning.


Meal 1:  Bouillabaise with an added kick of Tabasco.  (This has been my most favourite breakfast so far.)  A pot of jasmine tea.


Meal 2:  Bouillabaise, sauerkraut, raspberries.


It was a glorious day and after spending hours in the garden tackling the holly and the ivy I felt a bit disappointed that I couldn't reward my hard work with a gin and tonic and some nibbles.  *sniff*   Usually I would relax outside and enjoy the view.  Not today though, felt a bit empty and i'm not sure what to replace that reward with.  A cuppa?  meh.


On another note, I slipped on my wedding ring after 3 days of not wearing it and it definitely feels looser than before.


Meal 3:  smoked mackerel, two fried eggs, broccoli, roasted cabbage, raspberries.

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Day 9, 07 April 2015


6 hours of sleep.  Need to go to bed earlier tonight.


Meal 1:  3 fried eggs, mushrooms, spinach, coffee.


I tried the 'eat how many eggs you can fit in your hand' thing and could hold three.  I think my hands are bigger than my stomach.


Meal 2:  smoked mackerel, broccoli, cabbage.


Feeling sleepy.


Meal 3:  the most delicious palm-sized serving of medium-rare rib-eye, cabbage, a taster of chicken cooked for tomorrow's meals.


I will go to bed at 10pm.  I will go to bed at 10pm.  I will go to bed at 10pm.

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I enjoyed reading your posts. I also started on March 30th and am going strong.

I can hold 4 eggs in my hand, but I can't imagine eating 4 eggs. I have 2 eggs if I also have meat and 3 if not. I'll probably attempt 4 before the 30 days are up.

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Hi Genghiskhym,


Are you a first-timer as well?  I remember thinking Paleo being quite strict and now out of the blue i've decided to do this.  So far so good.  How about you?


I probably could hold 4 eggs in my hand with one on top of the other 3, but not really sure if I want to eat 4 eggs.  I've been eating them so often...  and trying to stick to the template of palm sized serving of protein and fill the rest of the plate with veg.  I just hope i'm doing the right thing with all this consumption of protein.  Previously i've read and practiced lowering my intake of protein.  It's all so confusing.  I think the best thing out of this so far is the elimination of snacking whereas I could munch my way through a big bag of crisps in one sitting.  I also loved afternoon cake and coffee time.  *sigh*  It's all fond memories now, at least for the next 21 days.  Good luck to you!!

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Day 10 (oh yeah!  :D ) - 08 April 2015


A third of the way there!!  Slept well last night, 7.5 hours sleep.


Meal 1:  chicken with ginger sauce, broccoli, coffee.


Feeling good, only thing is I would like to go the loo.   I'm used to regular BM's but haven't had one in 3 days. :(   I drink loads of water but maybe not enough?  Today's goal is to drink lots of water and hopefully i'll see some results.  Off to work I go...


Of course after I wrote the above I ended up going to the loo.  What a relief!  Still drank loads of water at work just in case.


Meal 2:  the rest of the rib-eye steak with broccoli


Meal 3:  chicken with ginger sauce, sweet potato fries (via nom nom Paleo)

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Good morning! When I first started semi-paleo back in January I got unregular too. I got some tea called Smooth Move that helped. Not sure if it's Whole 30 compliant or available in England. Now that my body is used to this I'm back to going everyday. It will probably even out for you.  :)

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Day 11, 09 April 2015


6.5 hours sleep, could have used more.  Definitely one area I need more conscious work on.


Meal 1:  beef bone broth, 2 fried eggs, smoked mackerel, sauteed spinach, coffee.


Ready to conquer the day!


Meal 2:  chicken with ginger sauce, soggy sweet potato fries on a bed of spinach.


Not feeling so full of energy.


Ended up going to bed at 9:30pm!


Meal 3:  rib-eye steak, spinach, roasted purple-sprouting broccoli.  5-star meal!!


Bought some new herbal teas today.  Having an After-dinner tea by Pukka.  It's sweet!

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