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The Journey Continues

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I debated about if I wanted to do a reintro log or a post W30 log...figured I'd combine them.  Not sure how long I'll maintain this log, but I know the posting kept me accountable, even if only to myself during my last W30.  And I hope this will help me maintain my W30 eating and keep my commitment to cutting down, or out, coffee.


Link to last month's log is in the siggy.  I was pleased with the results, went down a few pounds, lost quite a few inches.  NSV include better sleep-though that is inconsistent-nails are growing great, hair is growing great, mood is more stable-not without any moments of tension though!  I think I may have finally learned that I can socialize without our country's favorite social lubricant.  The lack of alcohol meant I could stay awake long enough to watch our local NBA team play, I actually love watching basketball, but the few drinks we'd have before dinner meant I crashed out during the game or didn't even try to watch it because the alcohol wearing off made me cranky, so I put myself in a time out.  I definitely felt more focused this month, which was wonderful after a year of feeling scattered and pulled in a million directions.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still pulled in a million directions, but I'm handling it better.


Day 31 today, I decided to start with non gluten grains.  


PreM1: warm lemon water, my usual wake up tonic  :D

M1: Toasted a piece of my son's gluten free bread, ate that on an empty stomach with some strawberry jam while I made my "real" breakfast.  Had a harder time than usual getting my three eggs scrambled with mushrooms, brussels sprouts and sweet potato down.  Black coffee, regular, switched to 2 to 1 ratio decaf to regular in the french press after that.  

Post WO: can salmon, half apple

Roobios tea

M2: Brought a small container of corn chips to eat before lunch.  Then had left over dinner, two chicken legs with a few potatoes and a small dish of red cabbage slaw, would have enjoyed a little avocado but mine are not close to ripe yet!

Black tea

M3: Planning a ground beef with shredded veggie concoction that I will serve over white rice. 


Feeling: uncomfortably full.  Felt a little like acid stomach after the toast and jam.  The chips were not at all satisfying.  Which I was surprised by, I do enjoy the smell of corn chips, and these chips in the past have been no brakes foods for sure, but today they were just....meh.  I don't know that I have any seriously strong reaction to non gluten grains, but I do think it would be easy for them to replace my vegetables.  They are really just caloric filler.  They might taste good, and have a satisfying mouth feel, but they do not do much of anything for the body.  


Work out: personal trainer, emphasis on legs

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Day 32


Yesterday's non gluten grains reintro ended with the ground beef and shredded carrots and zucchini over white rice.  Again, the only way I could describe it was that I felt uncomfortably full.  I did decide to wrap a measuring tape around my waist to see and there was about an 1" difference from the morning-and not in a good way!  But that was hardly scientific, it was just an impulse decision to see if there was a physical change to go along with my over full feeling.  The only other oddity was a momentary urge to open a bottle of wine, just a fleeting thought as I came home from shleping my son to his first track practice.  Easily pushed aside though.  I slept fine last night.  No significant changes in mood, although despite a good night of sleep I feel a little run down today.  My morning received a jolt of stress due to a work situation and I don't think I hand'ed it as well as I might have mid way through my W30.  As a result of the work stress my breakfast was thrown off, definitely lacking vegetables this morning!


M1: three eggs scrambled, one tiny piece of bacon, roast beef

M2: baked sweet potato with coconut butter, left over ground beef  with shredded veggies

Snack: prosciutto, red bell pepper and mayo

M3: eh, can't really call it a meal!  More of a mess!  Went to a friend's house to welcome home a dear friend.  I only planned on staying an hour, hence the snack, I brought my pineapple kombucha and a bottle of bubble water because I knew I did not want to drink yet.  Ended up there for 3 hours once the husband got home and decided to join the party-the 10 year old party animal was having too much fun to get him out of there.  99% of the food was not even remotely W30.  I did the best I could with some cured meats, tons of raw veggies, one naked potato skin and a few dried apricots.  I successfully avoided the wine.  It was tempting believe me, but by the time I was really truly tempted it was after 8:00 and I knew there was no way I was going to drink because I have an 8:30 session with my trainer.  Alcohol wrecks me and I've really enjoyed having more energy for my sessions.  

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Day 33


Sleep, sucked.


Gluten grain reintroduction


M1: three eggs scrambled with mushrooms, sweet potato and roast beef

Post WO: tuna

Gluten: forgot to eat something before breakfast, went to the grocery store after the session with the trainer and bought a ciabatta roll.  Toasted it with jam, ate around 11:30 ish.   Face felt flushed and lips were instantly parched and burning.  I didn't realize that until I got in the car to take a cat that keeps showing up on my step to the vet to see if he's chipped-he's not-and had to grab the chapstick.  This was mere minutes after eating the roll.  Stomach felt over full all afternoon. 

M2 Gluten x2: many hours later!  I was never actually "hungry" but knew if I didn't eat I'd be in trouble because my son has track practice tonight which means late dinner.  Wrapped hot dogs in flour tortillas, ate loads of raw veggies.  Lips are again very parched and slightly burning.  I....feel....STUFFED.  I never feel uncomfortably full on W30.  Today I am uncomfortable.  

M3: Conscious choice to have a drink with the husband before dinner-just like old times.  Bourbon & beer-so yes I drank my gluten for my 3rd exposure.  Followed by chicken breast, steamed broccoli and asparagus with coconut oil.  Fixed beans and tortillas for the boys to go with it.  


Work out: with trainer, focus on back and chest.  Feel the burn!


Possibly side effects: very uncomfortable "flutter" in my chest.  It's almost like an irregular heartbeat.  I used to get it regularly and just now experienced it again for the first time since W30.  I've mentioned it to my doctor, who did do an EKG but found nothing abnormal.  It used to happen regularly when I would lay down at night, especially on my side.  The feeling is very unsettling.


edited to add I forgot I fell face first into a bag of dried apricots after dinner....thank you very much alcohol.... :blink:

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Day 34

Slept terrible.  Woke at 2 am with the racing heart and aching knees.  First thought was a sleep confused, geez it feels like I was drinking...followed by an awareness that indeed I had been drinking.  Alcohol is not my friend.  Neither is gluten.  I do enjoy a nice bourbon though so I doubt I will cut it out entirely in the future but will certainly limit it.  Added bonus of limiting it, extra $$ in the bank.  The liquor store can get expensive!


M1: shredded pork with scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado and a healthy serving of sauerkraut.  


That sound you hear?  My bike hitting the gravel...yes there will be some off roading this weekend.  The little dude and I are headed North in a couple hours for him to see his BFF who moved to California last summer.  Their family has a vacation home up in Washington and he's there and my son is anxious to see him.  They know we're gluten free, so that part won't be an issue, but there will be food-and drink-that are definitely not W30.  But then, I'm not on a W30 now.  I will do the best I can to limit the damage while not obsessing about every bite of food that passes my lips.  I'm not going to be tracking meals again until Monday, when I plan on a mini reset before testing dairy by itself.  

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Interesting to hear your perspective on the downhill end, especially your reaction to the corn chips and bread.   Whenever I mash up an avocado I keep thinking wouldn't it be great with some tortilla chips.  The same goes for toast.  Whenever I have runny egg yolk left on my plate, I think how lovely it would be to have some toast to sop it up with.  Ahh, I guess i am in the dream stage.  Because of your reaction to gluten, do you think you will stop eating it from now on?

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Well that was....rough!  I knew it would be though.  I actually made the very deliberate choice not to worry about it last weekend.  I knew I'd pay for it, and I did, but it was so lovely to be able to just sit, eat, drink & catch up with good friends.  I found it fascinating how one "bad" choice leads to another...and another...and another!  It becomes a very difficult pattern to break.  I came home Saturday feeling major bloat and belly discomfort.  That did not begin to resolve until this morning.  I hosted Easter brunch yesterday and 99% of it was at least gluten free.  My mother in law brought a honeybaked ham, I made poached eggs and hollandaise sauce-side note, how do you get that sauce to not separate?!  I also roasted three trays of veggies, sprouts, asparagus and mushrooms.  I had gluten free bread for those that wanted it.  We had cut fruit and my sister in law made a very not paleo dessert....oh well.  All said and done I probably consumed every off plan ingredient over the course of 48 hours.  


Today is a new day! Day 37


Pre M1: warm water x 2

M1: two eggs scrambled with broccoli, asparagus and kale with two applegate hot dogs, 1/2 avocado.  Black coffee (only 1!!)-found it hard to finish and enjoy this meal after the crazy, highly processed and high sugar foods I'd been consuming.

Post WO: sardines and a small sweet potato

M2: Can of tuna with raw chopped veggies, generous serving of mayo and a few kalamata olives.  three dried apricots

M3: Two thick burger patties, some pan sauteed potatoes, steamed cauliflower and green beans with coconut oil.


Work out: shoulders and chest focus with some ab work


Feeling: optimistic I can undo some of damage from last weekend.  I was sitting and whining to my husband yesterday, I find it ridiculous that I have to be SOOOO strict about my diet and exercise routines in order to feel emotionally stable.  Cause man my mood was all over the place yesterday!  I would love to be able to be more relaxed about it, because this makes me feel super high maintenance, but apparently I cannot be relaxed. I have to accept I am highly influenced by what I put in my mouth and by how much movement I get.  


Holy crank!!!  Every little thing is setting off red alert alarms in my head.  I do not know how I will get through the rest of this insane evening.  Shuttle kid to and from track.  Make dinner, scarf it down, and then run up for the last part of the auction meeting-I cannot wait until this auction is OVER!  I just want to go and hide, either in a hot bath or with the covers literally pulled up over my head.  Maybe, just maybe, this will convince me to stop off roading?!?  

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Day 38, still feeling ill effects from last weekend's bender.  Even the start of my actual W30 was not this rough, but then while I did have a delicious off plan meal the night before I started I did not fall face first into a SAD pig out.  That reality, combined with my looming cycle, has made for some really rough days.  


M1: three eggs, roast beef slices and 1/2 avocado.  Black coffee x 2-that was a mistake.  My sweet boy is sick so he came stumbling downstairs at 6 when he couldn't stand not being able to breathe anymore and immediately made me coffee.  Probably would have been fine with just the one but silly, sleep deprived me decided to have a 2nd later.  I've been struggling with major anxiety all day.  I cannot blame the coffee 100%, there is some significant work stress at play, but that caffeine did not help.  This has reignited my commitment to getting off the dreaded C.

M2: I decided to spoil myself a little.  A denver steak, doused in balsamic and olive oil, served with a mound of left over veggies pan sauteed after the steak was done, a little coconut butter.  The sugar dragon roared a bit and I helped myself to a couple dried apricots and a small tangerine.  The apricots are definitely a food with no brakes, they will not be coming back into my pantry.  I will say I've cut WAY down on eating them, but I have not cut them out.

M3: pork patties with a mound of sauteed cabbage, kale and brussels sprouts.


work out: LAME.  I was so over stimulated at the gym-there was a very loud grunter on the floor-that ultimately I left early.  I just could not handle being there today, felt like I was crawling out of my skin.  Normally I have personal training today, but I accompanied my mother in law to her surgical consult and had to cancel.  I think I would have been fine one on one but the energy at the gym was just too much for me.  My dude has track tonight, and they're starting their distance training.  They need parents to run with the kids on those longer off site runs.  I may go suited up tonight and see if they need help.  I know my brain could use the boost from the run.  


Feeling like last weekend might take a little longer to get over than I thought....

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Day 39:


went out last night for a belated birthday gathering for two of my girlfriends that celebrated birthdays this week.  Had one glass of a nice red wine, and about 4 glasses of water! and sat and talked for nearly two hours.  It....was....lovely!  So proud of myself for declining when the waiter asked if I wanted a second glass.  Did I want one?  Of course, but I know what it does to my sleep and that's bad enough right now.  My poor little dude is sick, which means he needs extra Momma time.  He was always a terrible sleeper, and even now-at nearly 11-when he's sick he needs me.  He's my only, so I indulge him.  But man, these past two nights have been ROUGH.  My fancy pants sleep tracking watch put me at only 79% motionless last night, and 80% the night before-which is terrible.  I'm normally between 89% and on a really exceptional night 93%.  I've toyed with stopping caffeine but could not face this morning without regular coffee.  I've switched to decaf now, the dude is home sick, fortunately I can work from home-yay for technology!  And, please go away virus!!


Yesterday I did a little mini food prep, made a fresh batch of ghee and cooked a breakfast casserole.  I put in 12 eggs and I'm the only one eating it, so cutting it into fourths I'm assuming I'm getting about 3 eggs per serving, 1/4 sweet potato and 1/4 zucchini.  I realized yesterday after making three different breakfasts that I needed to simplify my morning.  My husband eats first, and leaves by 7 am.  My son and I eat together by 7 but we rarely eat exactly the same thing.  So I end up making three different morning meals and that sucks.  


M1: eggs, sweet potato and zucchini casserole with ghee on top and a tangerine-not enough fat I think.  I tried to supplement with a little ghee but it was not enough, should have busted out an avocado but I think I ate the last ripe one yesterday.  

M2: leftover dinner, pork patties with sauteed vegetables.  

M3: baked sweet potato topped with ground turkey and vegetables, gluten free bread & butter, pre dinner cocktails with the husband-I regret nothing  ^_^

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Isn't it funny how once you see so clearly how that wine affects you, it becomes *slightly* less appealing? I could have been drinking every night this week, but I've abstained because I know my sleep is so much better without it.

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Day 40, sleep is still elusive.  The sick dude is squarely to blame.  Fortunately for him-he's adorable and I love him.


M1: Egg and veggies casserole.  1/2 avocado, and some mini potatoes in ghee.  I was definitely hungry yesterday after my casserole, today I upped the volume and felt much better

M2: Denver steak with a mound of sauteed cabbage, diced sweet potato and a few left over brussels sprouts.  Ginger kombucha

M3: lemon mustard chicken, baby kale salad, steamed carrots and asparagus with hollandaise sauce.  Really yummy dinner.

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Day 41, finally got a decent night of sleep.  The dude is still sick, but is feeling a little better and sleeping a little better.  Cravings yesterday were still high, but I managed to avoid a binge.  There is a ton of sugary stuff in my pantry-thank you holidays-and the liquor cabinet is stocked.  I felt like a drink yesterday but looked at my skin and could see a difference after just a couple days with alcohol.  By the time I showered and coated my skin with coconut oil I felt better about how it was looking.  Husband is going out tonight with his friend, so there should not be any temptation to drink tonight since it's just me and the dude.  I have a crazy busy weekend ahead of me with school auction stuff and I'm taking my girlfriend out Sunday for a late birthday lunch and some grown up girl time.  


M1: three eggs poached over asparagus with a little left over hollandaise sauce, carrots sauteed in coconut oil until nice and caramelized.  Black coffee x 2.

M2: two pork patties with sauteed baby kale and sprouts.  1/2 avocado.

M3: blech!  The little dude wanted sushi...I love my little dude so we went....very unsatisfying meal.  I tried to stick to rolls that did not have imitation crab in them or a coating of sauce on them, I **think** I avoided gluten.  It was a spur of the moment thing so I couldn't bring coconut aminos with me to replace the soy sauce.  I tried a few bites of edamame-first known soy challenge.  I used to love edamame, tonight was just...meh.  Might be because they served them chilled and without the mandatory-for me-sprinkle of salt.  Came home and had three dried apricots.



feeling a little scattered.  With my son sick I have not been working out like I normally do.  My period started about 3 days early, only a 24 day cycle this month-gee thanks hormones-and I am suffering from cabin fever.  My to do list is enormous.  I should go get started on it....

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It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I tried Pioneer Woman's blender method on Easter-meh, mixed results.  My son and I watch Worst Cooks in America and they had a pretty simple looking method they learned, so I used that last night.  


It is not W30 approved!


Two egg yolks, I think it's normally three, whipped with a tablespoon of water.  I used a double boiler method and started adding chunks of butter-I used kerrygold salted.  Once that was melted and incorporated added fresh lemon juice until I liked the consistency and a dash of cayenne.  It tasted great last night, and I loved the consistency vs the blender method.  But it does not reheat well.  Could not get everything reincorporated this morning so the consistency was off.  Flavor was still good though.  Can't go wrong with butter and eggs right?  

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how funny I had sushi too because my Dear Daughter wanted some...   I did a reintro of rice and my stomach did not like it at all.  However I find with the sushi, I must not be getting enough rice to bother my stomach.  Typically I prefer shasami, (spelling?) but this time I had the rolls.  No terrible effects after. 


I am getting some good suggestion for new foods from you posts !  Thank you

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I had a slight headache all evening last night. Not sure if it was the soy, the rice, or the stess of the day. Too many variables to pin down.

Worked all day on our school auction prep. M1 was w30 approved. M2 was at my auction chair's and not w30. M3 will be burger sliders, broccoli and Green beans. Easier time riding this post w30 bike than last weekend for sure!

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Day 44.  I find weekends to be a significant challenge.  That might settle down once the auction is over....**might**.  I think I will need to spend some time planning and prepping for weekend meals though, my son's track meets start this weekend.  Free time will disappear.  Even though my eating was definitely not W30, I had a lovely weekend-no regrets!  My girlfriend's birthday was the day after Easter, so I kidnapped her for the day to celebrate.  I'd intended lunch and shopping, but she preferred a day of wine tasting.  We live close to hundreds of wineries, so off we went.  Had an amazing lunch, bought some delicious wine, we were gone nearly 7 hours-which is exactly what she needed, her little one is only 3 so she's still "in the thick" of parenting.  My son is almost 11 and definitely gaining some independence, I'm on the downhill slide to college!  


Sleep has been very poor.  Could be the kid's sickies, could be the weekend indulgences, could be my lack of exercise-likely all three!  The dude is getting over the bug though so that should improve.  Getting myself back into the exercise groove should help too.  I am feeling very tired and my day has barely begun.


M1: egg casserole with some sauteed onion and broccoli, 1/2 tomato, black coffee x 2

M2: snooze fest! left over chicken breast, a big dish of raw celery, carrots, cucumber, and yellow bell pepper.  Rounded out with raw almonds because lunch was essentially fat free, which means I'd be starving soon after finishing.

M3: More snooze fest!  Pre cooked some chicken breast and potato before taking my son to a very wet and rainy track practice.  Then sauteed them both in ghee.  Scarfed it down and dashed off to an auction meeting.  Avoided the cheese, crackers, brie and bread at the table-oh and some sort of cupcake thing that I am sure tasted divine.  Had a tiny pour of wine.  I was glad it was the last pour of the bottle and therefore probably about...eh....3 oz?  Because frankly it did not taste great.  I was spoiled after my day of wine tasting some of the best Oregon wines around!


Feeling stressed.  Do not like it.  I've had way too much coffee-April's give up caffeine experiment is a big old flop!  Interestingly though I did not have the PMS headaches.  Still, coffee is my drug of choice and I should try harder to cut back, or eliminate it all together.  This just was not the month for it due to the dude's cold and subsequent sleep deprivation.  

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Day 45 brought me much better sleep.  Kiddo is not being as disruptive as he has been.  yesterday was super busy and hectic, and more than a little stressful.  Which resulted in a little extra fruit, both fresh and dry, than I typically consume.  The fridge was BARE, today's big priority was a lengthy shopping trip.  Feeling poorer, but like we'll be well fed.  


Pre M1: warm lemon water, trying to get back into this habit.  Amazing how quickly something that makes me feel good can fall by the wayside

M1: eggs and shredded pork with kraut

Post WO: whey protein shake, mixed with water because I really am not sure how a big ole jug o'milk would feel.  I get high quality, no flavor, whey so basically it's kind of gross.  But I needed something post work out and pre shopping. 

M2: sweet potato and chicken sauteed in coconut oil, raw cucumber and radish



Work out: back with the trainer, first time in a week.  Had to cancel last Tuesday to accompany my mother in law to her surgical consult.  And Thursday due to el sicko child.  Felt good, but I definitely felt...out of practice.  Full body work out, which I am sure I will be feeling tomorrow!


Got a ton of food prep done today, mayo, cut veggies, sprialized veggies, still need to steam saute some greens later and cook up some ground pork for easy breakfasts.  Pushed through a bunch of laundry and did a whole lot of house cleaning.  Felt great to get all that done.  Added some chia seeds to one of my bottles of kombucha, I was very satisfied to hear and see evidence of a good bubbly second fermentation!  Woot!!


Too much coffee.... :blink: I have found myself craving off plan foods and drinks, coffee has been my crutch for dealing with those stress induced cravings.  Sigh...more work to be done.

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