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The Journey Continues

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Day 46 brought...a cookie. My dear, sweet friend-who i was supposed to meet at a coffee shop but was tied up at work-showed up at my shop with latte and cookie in hand.  And...I......ate.....it.  Nothing truly dramatic, but it definitely was not something I would have picked up for myself.  I noticed as I got in my car to come home shortly after that, my lips were again parched and on fire, face was flush.  Very interesting!


Pre M1: warm lemon water and ACV

M1: three eggs with roast beef, marinated artichokes and olives

M2: Last chunk of the egg, sweet potato and zucchini.  Raw veggies.  One little cutie

Snack: coconut latte and chocolate chip cookie

M3: So NOT even close to W30 template....and I paid dearly for it!


Work out: hour of cardio, split between stairs, rowing and elliptical.


Mood this morning was not great, was feeling very snappish.  A good work out helped.  Work day was hectic.  Tax checks were enormous-big huge stress there!  Evening is just getting started due to PSO board meeting.  But overall I'm optimistic.  Need to sit with a cup of tea for a few quiet (ish) moments before getting a jump start on dinner.

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Day 48, having major trouble sticking to the template, not all foods are off plan, but definitely not good portions, I'm missing my veggies.  Realized today that I did not prepare enough for the week, all I could think of was .... fail to prepare, prepare to fail!  So true....and so annoying.  Took some time today to steam saute my greens so those are ready.  Will be cooking a steak to slice and take tomorrow to my son's first track meet, along with a bunch of other foods .  These meets are all day and we've been warned that the concession stand is garbage.


M1: GF waffle, I make the flour blend myself, my son loves waffles.   Topped with almond butter and jam. Black coffee x 2

M2: Back to template, yippee!  Ground pork patties with sauteed spiralized sweet potato and cauliflower.  Mayo.  Blueberry Kombucha

M3: I have a huge piece of pork in the slow cooker, beans in the other for the husband & kiddo.  Will fill the rest of the plate with veggies.


Feeling ambivalent about making healthy choices.  It's a familiar pattern.  I go all in 100% then start to feel resentful about how much effort it takes and all of a sudden I'm throwing it all away and eating whatever I can get my hands on.  Also realized I have not had nearly enough water lately.  Came home from my second walk up the hill to the school and made myself a liter of bubble water.  


Two major points to focus on next week:

1.  Meal planning/prep

2.  Water


My school's auction is tomorrow and I have a thing at a friend's house Sunday.  I will put a lot of effort into getting back to template eating next week, I know I feel better when I put in the effort.  I'm not going to commit to a reset, I do not think I need to do that every time life gets hectic and my eating or drinking gets off plan.  Even though the auction is over tomorrow I still have a ton of school PSO stuff next week plus track and a parent meeting for middle school next week.  I know I'll be eating out at least once, maybe twice, and doing that on a W-whatever is really difficult. 

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Day 51, 1st day back on template in forever! Very stressful day, lots of catch up to do, felt like I was spinning my wheels all day. Put myself to bed early yesterday and actually got my first decent night sleep in ages. Feeling the effects of the last week of auction prep, definitely more irritable than I needed to be.

M1: left over steak and sweet potatoes sautéed in ghee.

M2: two pork patties, huge mound of sautéed kale with raw veggies, half avocado

M3: left over shredded pork over sautéed kale and red cabbage

Had to force myself to the gym, was glad I did of course....but not until after leg and shoulder day was over. Skipped my post WO meal in favor of going directly to lunch. Trying hard to get my water in today. Woke feeling very dehydrated. Had bubbly lemon water with a pinch of sea salt, it helped. All in all not a horrible day...but not a great day either

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Day 52, yesterday's M1 and M2 were template, but M3 was out.  We had our auction wrap up meeting at one of our event sponsors.  Wine was consumed ;-)


Pre M1: warm lemon water, with a pinch of sea salt, very satisfying


M1: delayed because I was meeting my dad for breakfast.  Three eggs, bacon and roasted potatoes.

M2: two beef patties, sauteed sprouts, broccoli and mushrooms in the pan after cooking the burgers.  A tiny bit of raisins after for the sweet tooth

M3: pork patties with steamed broccoli and avocado.  Nibbled a couple of tater tots, had a gluten free beer with the husband.    


This week has been super hectic, a lot of post auction wrap up and I need to prepare for the staff appreciation week that's coming up-I really should learn to say no to PSO stuff, I'd have so much more free time....but then I would not have the friends i have.  Sigh, it's a trade off!  Had the parent open house for middle school this week-insert panic here!-how can it be time for that?!  But the reality is my son turns 11 next Tuesday.  Time is flying by!  Work outs have been good, grateful for that.  I'm due to run today, waiting to see how my dude is after school.  If his shin splints have resolved we'll run together.  Legs are still super sore from Monday's work out.  Hopefully I can keep up with my 10 year old!

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Funny you say that, Nadia, I was feeling like it was killing me this morning!  I do better with the structure of the program.  I get out of the 30 days and struggle with the balance.  It isn't the food so much cause man template food is NUMMY, it's allowing-or not-alcohol.  That's where I struggle.  Maybe I need to not be so hard on myself...of course that's always been hard for me too!


M1: three eggs scrambled in coconut oil with spiralized sweet potato

M2: one pork patty with left over broccoli and mixed olives....I'm thinking this was not enough food

M3: I have beef stew meat in the crock pot to try to make dinner quick and easy, my son's got his talent show tonight so we'll have to be back up at the school by 6:00.  Whatever else I make tonight has to be quick

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Day...I have no idea....last weekend was not template friendly, well a few meals were, I cherished those meals, they were delicious. Saturday was track from 8 am until 4:30. The weekend before I had time to prep a ton of food so we were well stocked. This week I had to work Thursday and Friday so there was no prep time....it was not good, food was all over the map. I will FIND time Thursday to prep for next weekend's meet since I have to work on Friday.

PreM1: warm lemon water with a pinch of sea salt

M1: two bacon, three egg, 1/2 avocado, little nibble of almond butter

M2: mushrooms, sweet potatoes and spinach sautéed with shredded pork and 1/4 avocado

Pre WO: two hard boiled eggs with mayo and a pickle slice on each half...cheater deviled eggs


Feeling like April got away from me, food was all over the place, alcohol crept back in, sugar crept back in, ate out too much, workouts were inconsistent. It was not a stellar healthy month, but hey, if I have one rough month out of 12 then I can't be too upset. Sleep has improved, grateful for that. Mood has been fairly stable despite the stumbles along the way. Coming into the week I can expect headaches and crankiness, know I need to be extra nice to myself this week and really focus on sleep and reducing caffeine. Still struggling with that one....mmmm, coffee....Tomorrow is my son's 11th birthday, feeling a little stunned that my sweet, tiny, baby is now a sweet, big, preteen. He's such a great kid though, I'm really very lucky. I will bring him lunch at school tomorrow, tamales-his choice, and then we're going out for dinner after track, sushi-again his choice. I'm excited to see him grow up and sad at the same time, probably a universally understand maternal conflict!

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